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Women and Students are Making Their Mark on the Industry This Week

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Colorado Construction Sector Banking on Adult Shop Class

Colorado middle-schoolers who were denied the opportunity to take Shop as an elective will be the saviors of tomorrow's construction workforce. Irony? You bet. Read more

Cash-Strapped Wyoming Puts a Price Tag on History

The Equality State's many other projects are sent packing as legislators throw all monies at smug capitol building.  Read more

College Recruiters Elbowed Aside as Construction Sector Descends on High Schools

College-bound kids are invited to swap Building the World with expensive humanities degree. Read more

Overnight Construction Noise at Local Grocery Store Riles Neighbors

The letter of the law says one hour at 60 decibels is the limit. Builder promises every hour thereafter will come in at 59. Read more

Women in Niche Sector Make Historic Pay Gains

For the first time, women surpass men in average weekly pay in this one very rarefied job sector. Read more

Milwaukee Unions Define New Era, Sign 'We'll Be Nice' Clause with Mortenson

Union officials have come to an agreement with the construction giant: in keeping with construction's new tech theme, walkouts and strikes will be virtual. Read more

Menlo Park Home Values Plummet as Facebook Floods Market. Zuckerberg Astonished at Ingratitude

The tech billionaire has promised 1500 new homes for expected influx of 6500 Facebook workers in the small town.  Read more

Overall Domestic Construction Growth Pegged to "Amusement and Recreation Spaces," says AIA

Ferris Wheel replaces the Family Home as domestic construction's revenue core. Read more

Green Construction Disappoints Altruists with New Profit Trend

Anti-capital environmentalists are in disarray as Green Building initiatives begin to earn money. Hundreds of activists have angrily torn up the earning reports and carefully tucked the shreds into hemp satchels.  Read more

Proposed Dubai Safari Park Will Feature Cooled Rocks

High-roller guests of the $272m park will be consumed in relative comfort, says project CEO. Read more


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