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Why Your PM Solution MUST Integrate with Accounting


Project managers need accurate financial data to help inform and influence project-related decisions from the field. Often these decisions need to be made quickly and if the data is not readily available, field staff must contact accounting to obtain that data. This can cause costly delays that negatively impact the project. 

Having access to this accounting data, in real time, allows workers to make informed decisions and forecast confidently from the field.

Without access to current accounting data, users must instead rely on guesswork from manually entered information, or they contact accounting every time they need information.

Procore's accounting integration with Sage 300 CRE, allows Procore users to be confident that accurate financial data is available instantly, from any mobile device or web browser.

With this integration, Procore offers a single cloud-based software solution for all aspects of project management. 

Contract Management

One of the main advantages of an accounting integration is the ability for customers to enter subcontracts and purchase orders within Procore and push that data directly to accounting. An accurate reflection of committed costs should be visible in accounting without any need for Procore customers to duplicate data entry. 

The older method for duplicating accounting data involves entering commitments in Procore, and then entering the same information again into the accounting system. This obviously takes more time, but also results in the risk of incomplete or incorrect data.

Cost Management and Forecasting

Project managers out in the field need to manage costs and create forecasts. Once the cost of a particular piece of a job has been estimated and a dollar amount committed, project managers need the ability to see how much has been paid on commitments to make budget projections. Immediate, accurate data that reflects the current budget and what has been spent thus far, makes forecasting easier.

Having access to this accounting data, in real time, allows workers to make informed decisions and forecast confidently from the field. This intelligence ultimately allows for better decisions, keeping your project on budget. With constant access to this real time information, intelligent decisions can be made much faster with more accuracy and confidence. 

Every time a contract adjustment is made, a commitment is entered, or a change order is submitted, integrated accounting data allows all steps to be completed entirely within Procore. The beauty of cloud-based construction project management software is having the power and efficiency to provide your entire field staff and office staff with vital project information all from one centralized repository.

For more information on the Sage 300 CRE Connector, download our free white paper here.


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