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Weekly Grind: Trump, Construction OS, and How to Survive the Inevitable


What the heck is a Construction Operating System

At Procore’s annual user conference, Groundbreak, the startup announced a cohesive platform built to connect every application, person, and device you need to run the entire lifecycle of your business. But what does that mean?

ABC: President Trump eliminates previous administration’s “Blacklisting” rule

In a statement released on Monday, the Associated Builders and Contractors said, “the ABC is committed to working with the Trump administration and Congress to improve the government’s current procurement system for taxpayer-funded projects.” Find out what this means for you...

The dirty secret that’s making major construction more expensive…

This tricky situation is creating a developing market between jobsites. Can you guess what it is? Dig in to find out...

VIDEO: What would you do if you were in his shoes?

A group of contractors risked life and limb chasing down a jobsite thief. Don’t show this to OSHA. See the epic car chase for yourself.

Consigli’s Todd McCabe shares his industry forecast. You could learn a thing or two…

Industry leader, Todd McCabe, is sharing his thoughts on the challenge of accelerated project schedules and his forecast for demand in Massachusetts in the coming years.

Alaska is in trouble.

Alaska's unemployment rate in February was the second-highest in the nation as the state is wracked by a deepening recession. How is this affecting construction?

How does your market sector stand to fair in 2017? This data provides insight…

Even in the best of times, the construction industry will have challenges to overcome. Despite remarkable promise for 2017 there are some areas of your business that will need extra care in the next quarters. Here’s a breakdown...

La Guardia Airport opts for foreign steel amid U.S. trade dispute with China.

Buy American or buy cheap? That’s the question on many contractors minds as rising input prices continue to stifle profit margins across the country. La Guardia airport chose the latter, and now they have a PR nightmare on their hands. Does this make you think twice?

Homebuilders: How valuable are you to the U.S. economy?

If the home-building industry had returned to the long-term average level of construction, it would have added more than $300 billion to the economy last year. At the risk of sounding too clingy, what would be do without you?

Price hikes: How to survive the inevitable

Fluctuations in input prices might indicate that cost-cutting is in store for other areas of your job budget or, given steep-enough increases, the scuttling of the project altogether. Here’s what you need to know.

Can robots solve your problems?

The industry may not be ready to become fully reliant on automated processes and machinery. But gently integrating technology with human expertise could be key to surviving.


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