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Weekly Grind: Tools You Need, Homes that Sail, and more!


All you need to know about everything that matters this week in construction.

Brave Tern is a Construction Site Unlike Any You’ve Seen Before...

This real-life transformer is building the future and in the next few years you might see it popping up all over America’s coasts. Check it out for yourself…

The Best New Tools at World of Concrete and Here’s Why You Need Them

The buzz at World of Concrete was OSHA’s new dust compliance. Manufacturers showcased their latest tools to help you avoid fines and these are the ones you need on the jobsite 

Construction Starts Fell 5%. Is Our Industry’s Post-Recession Peak Behind Us?

2016 was a busy, profitable year for homebuilders. According to Dodge & Data Analytics reports, 2017 is starting off with less of a bang. What do experts predict will happen next?

Is Your Equipment Inventory Collecting Dust? This Startup Has a Lucrative Solution

This startup is the AirBnB of construction rentals – helping contractors rent out their under-utilized equipment, or rent tools from fellow contractors. Here's how it works...

Green Building is the Latest Trend, So Why Aren’t U.S. Builders Sold On This Product?

This new material is the buzz of the construction industry. It’s already revolutionizing construction abroad, but here in the U.S. regulations and building codes are holding it back.

Prefab Floating Houses Made in Finland, ‘Sailed’ to Dubai

Finnish firm Admares has been awarded phase one of the Marasi Business Bay development in Dubai featuring 10 houses said to be the UAE’s first-ever homes on water. Will these structures survive the voyage?

This is the Best Location for Attracting the Talent You Need

If you’re having trouble overcoming the labor shortage or attracting AEC’s best talent, this read is for you. A. Eugene Kohn, founder of NYC–based design firm Kohn Pedersen Fox Associates explains exactly where your company needs to have a presence. Can you guess where it is?

Don’t Let This Happen To You: Drywall Company Under Fire for Labor Practices

This is just one case in a larger industry trend where undocumented immigrants are hired for dangerous work at below-market wages, and without benefits or insurance. What penalties do they face?


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