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Weekly Grind: Super Bowl LI, New Safety Bills, and Cost-slashing Trends!


Ready for kickoff? Stadium design and construction will be on display at Super Bowl LI

Completed in a mere 30 months in order to be ready for the 2002 NFL season, the $352 million NRG Stadium boasts more than 71,795 seats. What does it take to build a Super Bowl stadium?

Construction added 25,000 jobs in January. But how many positions were actually filled?

This is the highest number in the past four months––a figure that may have been lifted by warmer than usual weather. Now, how do we fill them?

This modern building style helped a developer save 20% on construction costs

In the saturated rental market of New York City, a typical multi-unit building assumes an average of 15% material waste. Using this new method, Forest City Ratner Companies saved about 20% on construction costs and reduced their material waste by 25%. Can you guess how? 

The future of transportation will change the way you build

In the scrub-filled desert north of Las Vegas, a grave is being dug––not for a mobster, but for traditional forms of constructing public transportation. Are you ready for this next generation infrastructure?

It’s only a matter of time before 3D printers replace skilled labor. Can we stop it?

Picture a factory assembly line – fast, efficient, and productive. It’s time for construction to make moves towards allowing you to make a better quality product, in a shorter time frame, and a safer environment. The technology exists, but some are afraid it will take away their jobs.

This construction vehicle turns into a robot and here’s why you need it on your jobsite

Building collapse, disaster relief, and injury prevention – all of these unfortunate situations could be made better with the help of a construction robot. This group of Japanese researchers have a solution

China has us beat in this one area in construction. 

According to The Council on Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat's annual review of the world's tallest buildings, 128 structures were completed in 2016––the third straight year this number of completed skyscrapers has broken the record. What does this mean for our industry's standing on a global level? 

If you’re a homebuilder, you’re gonna want to pay attention to this…

This growing cohort of aspiring homeowners is fueling a new residential construction trend and it will become a huge part of your business

A whopping 21 construction safety bills slammed NYC and we’re bracing for drama

A new set of bills concerning crane safety and mandatory apprenticeship programs are now at the center of a growing debate between unions, contractors, and developers. The penalties they are proposing are controversial


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