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Weekly Grind: Inauguration Day, Floating Cities, and Bribery Scandals


VIDEO: Building the Stage for Donald Trump’s Inauguration

Building the 10,000 square-foot platform from scratch is a major job. Trees have to be uprooted, a fountain has to be temporarily filled in, and marble has to be removed to allow the new president and over 2,600 guests to fit on the stage. Inauguration day is tomorrow.

Your Paycheck Could Be at Risk from these Preventable Injuries

U.S. construction workers lost $46 million dollars in wages to these preventable injuries in 2014. Could learning how to avoid them help alleviate your insurance premiums? This study has the answer.

Uh Oh! Watch out homebuilders, because the predictions are coming true!

Just as experts predicted for 2017, heightened concerns of rising mortgage rates are impacting U.S. homebuilders confidence about their sales prospects. The fact that this is happening so early in the year does not bode well for the market...

GPS Tracking Can Protect Your Workers In Ways You Haven’t Thought of Yet!

Building collapse, harmful substance tracking, and unfounded disputes – when any of these situations are on the line, a safeguard like GPS tracking employees could be a valuable tool to protect both workers and employers. But is it legal?

Incredible Plans Unveiled for the World’s First Floating City 

The French Polynesian Government has approved a U.S. company’s plan to build the first ever floating city above its waters. Could this pave the way for autonomous floating cities around the world? 

Developers and Owners Can Cut Costs and Carbon Footprints. Here’s How...

This new material is the buzz of the construction industry. And there is also a new tool on the market that could prove beneficial in helping builders and architects comply with emissions laws. Together, they could revolutionize your jobsite!

Contractors Trying to Meet Deadlines are Stalled by DC’s Inauguration Festivities

Washington D.C. is suspending work on construction projects from Thursday through Sunday, a move that is having an impact on contractors trying to meet deadlines and workers trying to get their paychecks. Here's how they plan to get back on track...

China Beat Us to Creating the World’s First Robotic Waste Recycling Facility 

An estimated 80% of construction and demolition waste can be recycled. Why aren’t more companies making use of this revenue stream? China has teamed up with Helsinki-based ZenRobotics. What we can learn from them will have you seeing green!

73% of firms plan to expand headcount in 2017. Do they know we’re in a labor shortage?

With competition heating up for impending private and public sector growth, many companies are planning to expand their labor forces to meet demand. How do they plan on battling the labor shortage?

Feds: Construction Contractor Paid $1 Million in Bribes to the City of Atlanta

The CEO in question, oversees the company recently involved in high profile projects around the city, including the city’s new courthouse and work at the Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport. Read on to get the details...


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