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Weekly Grind: Hot Opportunities, Perfect Workers, and Tech to Lower Your EMR Score


Global economic outlook remains shaky, but Procore’s Chief Economist says the U.S. construction industry doesn’t need to worry. Here’s why...  

Construction input prices collectively rose by one percent on a monthly basis, according to analysis of U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics data released today by Associated Builders and Contractors. Here’s what you need to know to protect your margins.

For Skanska UK, full project efficiency is not a dream, it’s (augmented) reality.

The general contractor has signed on to an early adopter program and will field test the technology this year. Skanska reps say this will lead to project efficiencies that speed delivery while reducing costs. You’re gonna want this on your jobsite...

This market sector hosts the hottest opportunities in the world. Is it in your realm?

Despite current political and economic uncertainty, this market is expected to continue as the largest construction market in the world.

Construction costs are outpacing prices for new buildings. Who is incurring these fees, you or your owners?

Association officials cited three types of proposals that threaten to drive construction costs even higher. Here are the ones that you should look out for...

The perfect worker needs to be strong, reliable, and smart. This tech has all three...

This robot can help you build with all the benefits of factory-like precision and convenience of conventional on-site construction. So what is the state-of-the-art for construction robots? Thanks to the work of Markus Giftthaler at ETH Zurich, we have answers.

Developers in San Francisco are trying to hire local subcontractors to build at least 50 percent of projects. But they are running into some major problems.

The construction of high-rise tower projects like Mission Bay Uber and thousands of homes in the Hunters Point Shipyard are signs of prosperous times in San Francisco. But with billions of dollars invested in redevelopment areas, the city is falling short of its goals...

BuildForce Canada just released the latest labour market forecast. Do you want the good news or bad news first?

According to the 2017-2026 National Construction and Maintenance Looking Forward forecast, after two years of decline, construction activity is expected to edge slightly higher this year. Some provinces are projected to do better than others.

This state took a hit last year, and 2017 isn’t looking much better. Here’s why…

Scott Goldsmith, professor emeritus of economics says, “We have two big problems... the softness of the overall economy and not knowing what in the world is going to come out of our state this year.” Find out what contractors in the region are doing to mitigate these risks.

A Florida construction firm is keeping their workers safe and here’s what you can learn from them.

One of the largest general contractors in South Florida is using technology to enhance safety before workers ever step onto a construction site. Could this help lower your EMR score?


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