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Weekly Grind: Good News for your Margins and Safety


Safety best practices can make construction companies 770% safer. Does that translate into 770% less delays?

The Associated Builders and Contractors (ABC) recently released its 2017 Safety Performance Report. It’s packed with infographics and practical takeaways. But what you really want to know is, will better safety practices make you more profitable?

Construction Starts Advanced Two Percent. Who can we praise for this great news?

According to Dodge Data & Analytics, new construction starts in February rose 2% from the previous month. These two sectors strengthened after a subdued January. Read on to find out what brought about this change?

VIDEO: Europe’s biggest construction project unearths 8,000 years of London History

Ancient skeletons, roman medallions, and some very old-timey shoes are just a few of the things that this subterranean Crossrail dig is uncovering. See the treasures for yourself.

The world's leading copper supplier just came back online. What does that mean for your margins?

The workers’ strike at the world’s largest copper mine, Chile’s Escondida, shows no signs of stopping. With the uncertainty of supply fading, will copper prices ease up?

Show this to your kids: Considering a career in construction? The salaries might surprise you.

“When most kids think about construction jobs, they think about muddy boots and hard labor. There are those jobs, and they’re invaluable. But that isn’t necessarily the case. There are many other jobs to consider too.” - Dan Smith, CFO New South Construction

VIDEO: How is the housing market doing? This expert has answers.

Impact fees, minimum lot size requirements, environmental and labor regulations. According to the NAHB’s Chief Economist Robert Dietz, all of these are reasons for high builder confidence under a new president. Does this confidence reflect the actual state of the housing market?

The fate of U.S. healthcare is uncertain. Is the future of your workload uncertain too?

How do the architects and construction companies who make their living designing and building healthcare facilities feel about the future of healthcare construction? Understanding their outlook could help you weather upcoming industry hurdles.

Controversy: SF City considers blacklisting companies that bid on border wall.

The federal government is now accepting design proposals for the Trump administration’s promised wall along the U.S.-Mexico border, but San Francisco lawmakers say that any contractor who puts in a bid will be on the outs with the city.

Companies are racing to complete the first full-scale Hyperloop.

Some have full-scale test tracks in place, some are just getting started, and now, some are kicking off construction of their supersonic passenger capsules. The future of transportation construction is here and we’re all just waiting to see who will win.


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