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Weekly Grind: Construction Hot Spots, Rising Costs, and Dreams Coming True

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Copper prices just retreated from a 20 month high, but current events in Chile could change that…

Unionised workers at the largest copper mine in the world are asking workers to vote for a wage strike and prepare for an extended conflict. How will this affect U.S. copper prices?

Construction crews help terminally ill 4 year old live out his “Bob the Builder” dreams.

Nick Zadak has a love for bulldozers, skid loaders, and earth-moving equipment. When his parents began to fear that he wouldn’t be able to attend his favorite event, “Dozer Days,” they called on some construction crews to lend a hand.

Unless you do something about it, this line item is going to kill your margins…

This past month, construction employment increased by 36,000 jobs in January. This is the highest level since November 2008! But before we celebrate, there is another issue that you need to solve.

Construction in Dallas is red hot and it turned this couple into ‘blue collar millionaires.’ 

After starting up a business supplies company from their home garage, this company’s annual revenue recently surpassed seven million dollars. What market conditions led to their success?

With no appointed leaders to head OSHA, who will enforce the newest Silica regulations?

On January 20 the Trump administration issued a memorandum declaring their intent to cut regulations that burden industries. How will this effect OSHA’s newest safety regulations and without someone to head the effort, how will this play out

Amid solid demand and short supply, home prices are rising. Will this affect housing starts?

U.S. home prices marched steadily higher in November, pushed up by healthy demand for homes and a shrinking supply of available properties. Will this spur on more construction or scare away home buyer demand? Read this to find out…

After 2.4 million hours of work, Mortenson closes out Sanford Hospital ahead of schedule. 

“When you look at the thought, skill, and craftsmanship that is evident in this new medical center, you really do have to stop and reflect on what an amazing team made all of this possible.” Check it out for yourself.

Video: Two workers rescued after being seriously hurt in fall at construction site

After a fall at a Ross Island Bridge construction site in Portland, Oregon, two workers were found conscious. Could this have been prevented?

This untapped market in Canada is flying under everyone’s radar. It’s yours for the taking!

Small infrastructure firms are happily picking up the scraps left by the market’s biggest players. Find out how to get in on the action…

I bet you didn’t see this coming and it is going to affect your job security…

The specter of automation has been looming over our industry for some time now. One role on your team in particular is at risk for being replaced by robots. Is it yours?


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