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Weekly Grind: Construction Activity Falls, OSHA delays, and more!


Construction dropped 1% in January and the industry is scratching its’ head...

Many were hoping that the New Year would bring an increase in government spending. But the most recent statistics suggest the decline in activity is largely driven by a fall of 5% in government construction contracts and activity. When will the infrastructure boost kick in?

In response to a White House Memorandum, OSHA will delay this new rule.

According to the U.S. Department of Labor, one of OSHA’s newest rules is undergoing further review. As a result, the rule will now become active on May 20, 2017 about two months after the original date. Which rule is under question?

Don’t try this at the jobsite: Construction workers take on a dizzying challenge

A group of British road construction workers came up with a new way to keep themselves amused – and somewhat nauseous. Let's not tell OSHA about this one.

Could this progressive approach to shared space open doors to attracting talent?

The small business incubator trend has officially hit the construction industry. And it could create a new way for rookie construction professionals to network and build relationships with others in similar trades. What does a shared jobsite look like?

Robotics is 2017’s newest tech trend. Here’s where you can see some in person!

Increased precision, cheaper labor, and mitigated risks to human life are just a few of the reasons why you’ll want unmanned and autonomous machines on your jobsite. You're not gonna want to miss this...

When you say “buy American”, some hear “buy expensive”. Who’s right?

For the most part this means business as usual. But for certain line items like construction materials, American products are expensive. How could this affect you?

This team runs their company like a Silicon Valley startup and you should too.

Their owners are some of the top tech giants in the world, and they’re coping with the challenge of handling technically complex projects by adopting  the same culture of inventiveness that makes those Silicon Valley leaders stand out.

Tried and tested: These apps got a thumbs up from workers like you. Here’s why...

Efficiency should always beat tradition when it comes to your construction processes. And these 24 apps can provide a better way to do everything from timekeeping and asset tracking to flying drones. Check them out for yourself.

Steel stocks are telling us about a lot more than just steel demand. Here’s what you need to know in Q1.

Will steel prices be passed onto consumers in 2017? How will materials prices affect states like Alaska? Find answers to questions like these and more in this market report.


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