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Weekly Grind: Circular Construction, a 74-Ton Bulldozer, and a New Orbital Country


The New Circular: Reincarnated and Recycled

Circular can mean many things. The new Circular Building Movement is less to do with form than with a structure's being beautifully reborn with recycled materials. And attitude. Read more.

No Money. No Investors. No Problem! Worker Builds Own Company in So-Called Spare Time

Brunson Cooper had a dream. All it took was countless 12 hour days and huge spirit to make it come true. Yeah, one of those dreams. Read More.

World's Largest Hydrostatic Dozer Not as Sleek as its Name Suggests 

The 74-ton Liebherr PR776 doesn't go very fast and is unsuited to most late night burger drive-thrus. You've been warned. Read more.

NASA and Caterpillar: A Marriage Made on Mars

The semi-retired space agency and heavy machinery manufacturer are partnering to design a 3D-printable structure for deep space exploration and Martian colonizing. Read more.

UN Space Committee Chairman Proposes Constructing New Orbital Country

Dr. Igor Ashurbeyli of UNESCO (the U.N.'s science and culture arm) is disappointed with humankind's lack of scientific progress. His proposed new country, Asgardia, will be a space-based sovereign land with science as its governing principle. Nutty? The first satellite launches in 2017. Read more.

Hong Kong CE Knows How to Increase Home Ownership: Sell Luxury Apartments at Cost

Hong Kong’s Chief Executive Leung Chun-ying's affordable housing solution is a piece of cake. Problem: apartments before markup still cost $1M each to build. Read more.

World's Oddest Bridges May Inspire Fear of Crossing

From a floating ring to a rampaging dragon, these very practical feats of engineering look a little insane. Read more.

Albuquerque Whistle-Blower Claims Culture of Code Violations

Structural Engineer Brian Seylar says homes are being waved through by knowing city officials after shoddy inspections. City responds with pink slip. Read more.

New Houston Construction Code Acknowledges Hot Fireball in Sky

Solar energy makes its belated debut as part of the city's official building code. The new home designs will be required to feature solar-ready fittings. Read more.

Mysteriously Spiking Home Prices Cause Head Scratching

Corporate homebuilding, the flight back to cities from suburbia, and the unwieldy cost to cities of necessary new infrastructure are among the reasons cited for home prices having risen 30-50% over the past five years. Read more.

Color-Changing Future Homes May be Hard to Locate After Night on Town

New Normal will also include self-cleaning walls and IoT appliances that secretly talk to each other.  The takeaway? Don't upset your future house. Read more.


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