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Watch out for the Falling Beams and Booms! Safety Hazards are met with Bystanders and Pokefans


Scottish Construction Group Dunne Collapses

Builder of landmark London skyscrapers was a victim of unserviceable debt. The sudden collapse leaves several large projects half-complete. Eccentric new architectural trends mean public likely won't notice. Read more

Plummeting Beams Injure Airport Workers

Sheared bolts were found to be the culprit. Two workers were moderately injured in the aircraft hangar accident. Read more

UK Housing Downturn Fulfills Own Prophecy

Anticipating June Brexit misfortune, UK builders in May went ahead and mothballed thousands of projects. Now the numbers are down. Who knew?  Read more

Bridge Over Troubled Bidding

Skanska's winning Pensacola Bay Bridge bid came in $69 million below nearest competitor. Losing bids have 72 hours to file appeal, but will have to drive over rickety old Pensacola Bay Bridge to do so.  Read more

Engineering Camp for Kids Replaces Frolic with Weeklong Lecture on Hyperboloid Structures 

ACE Camps (Architecture Construction Engineering) introduce wide-eyed kids to construction as a career. Read more

Gotta Arrest 'Em All. Charmander Enthusiasts an Uneasy Fit with General Prison Population

Pokemon Go fans are trespassing on construction sites and distractedly walking off cliffs as recent mayhem inspires nostalgia for reclusive gamers in locked bedrooms. Read more

NYC's Tappan Zee Bridge Damaged by Crane Collapse

The New Tappan Zee Bridge, due to open in 2018, has been plagued by accidents. Locals are finding the old one increasingly attractive. Read more

Obama Funds FAA Through Sept 2017, Angering Jittery Air Travelers

President Obama has signed an 11th-hour bill to extend Federal Aviation Administration funding for 14 months. Discouraged nervous flyers changed into fresh shirts and vowed to fight the decision. Read more

San Diego Port Board Shocks Onlookers with Decision-Making Prowess

The famously flip-flopping port commission has approved a $1.2 billion waterfront design that includes hotels, shops, restaurants, an aquarium, and a 480 foot observation tower. Port Commissioner reserves the right to balk later. Read more

Little Menlo Park Stuns Facebook with Negotiation Savvy 

In real estate negotiations with the desperate $350 billion social media giant, Menlo Park was holding all the cards. Now the Little Town That Could has a beautiful new community swimming pool. Take that, Facebook. Read more

Cluster of New School Building Projects in Las Vegas Lifts Local Construction Sector

In a showpiece gesture of civic rebranding, the Former "Sin City" is lavishing resources on the building of schools, promising slot machines in school cafeterias. Read more


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