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Transforming Jobsite Data into Actionable Insights


Whether it’s collected or not, every construction project produces vast amounts of data. Every worker movement on site, every piece of equipment, every materials delivery—all give measurable data. By leveraging these and other data points you get from jobsite monitoring, you start to gain a better understanding of the process and can learn to identify areas for improvement.

indus.ai specializes in what it calls “Construction Intelligence,” offering AI and machine learning solutions for companies to monitor active jobsites better and more completely with the use of automation. Thus, you can get a more objective view, not having to solely rely on the flawed perception and divided attention of human supervisors. indus.ai makes it dead-simple for firms to harness available data to reduce costs, improve safety, and maximize efficiency.

“As we walk around the jobsite, people are very busy with their hands,” indus.ai co-founder and CEO Matt Man explains. “For them to take out a pen and paper, or even an iPad, takes away from their production time. The vision of our role in the future is to be able to automate a lot of these processes so workers can do what they do best, which is actual construction work.”

“As we walk around the jobsite, people are very busy with their hands...the vision of our role in the future is to be able to automate a lot of these processes so workers can do what they do best, which is actual construction work.”

A cornerstone of indus.ai’s Construction Intelligence system is machine-collected video data autonomously captured by a camera. Video as a data source is superior even to Internet of Things-sourced data because the system can cover a broader set of use cases and is visual in nature, according to Man. It also produces a very rich set of data, capturing movements, machines, materials, workers and potential safety hazards much more efficiently than possible for a human staring at a wall of video screens.

With jobsite data around utilization, logistics, productivity, and safety being monitored and collected by an autonomous AI and delivered in real time, nothing is left to chance. All of the system’s findings are available up and down the line, with no more outdated reports scattered throughout the team.

“I see the industry has been looking at more or less lagging indicators to manage projects. So project managers are looking at a site report, a daily report of what has already been done that day in terms of labor hours or progress. Or sometimes if you go higher level to the project executive or owner, they may look at data that’s a week or a month old. So it’s always looking at things from lagging indicators of what has been done,” says Man.

Recently, Procore and indus.ai teamed up to launch their first integration. Safety Observations allows Procore users to reinforce their workplace safety culture with computer vision and machine learning capabilities, powered by indus.ai. The integration lets companies track construction progress, determine site safety and productivity, and reduce utilization—all of it right from within their Procore system.

“AI allows us to look at leading indicators, such as whether the material is delivered on time, where the material is delivered, or tracking cycle time of concrete pouring or tiles. That, combined with the system’s other predictive metrics, the industry can start really getting a handle on its data. Together Procore and indus.ai could really move that needle,” says Man. “Procore’s API was easy to integrate and reduces our time to market in terms of getting more done.”

Man says he sees the addition of AI-based technology to the jobsite as forging a partnership between human workers and machines, playing to their distinct strengths in a complementary fashion.

“It’s not about displacing jobs, it’s about letting humans do what humans do best and machines do what machines do best. Machines never get tired; they’re very objective. There’s a lot machines can do to assist, but the creativity human workers bring is something that machines cannot replace.”

The Indus.ai integration with Procore automatically creates safety observations in the Procore Quality & Safety module whenever indus.ai observes a potential safety incident. If you'd like to learn more about this exciting integration click here.

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