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Top 6 Rework Offenders Killing Your Margins


Your construction project is a constantly moving swirl of details you struggle to contain—at least it can seem that way on the ground. From a certain elevation, though, the fast-moving parts of the project become distinct and clear and obvious, and can be more easily managed and overseen. At that height, budgets and benchmarks are plainly visible, and the complete date is a bright mark on a timeline. Clarity rules.

Project Management (PM) software provides this elevated clarity and puts it in the right hands—those of your project teams. Real-time financials, shared drawings and specs, plain-sight benchmarks—cloud-based PM software synchronizes everyone’s project view so you will all be, for once, working off the same page at the same moment; 24/7.

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Choosing your construction software solution is a critically important decision, to say the least. A substantial investment in terms of cost, time, and resources, your software selection will also define the daily work culture and communication environment of your construction teams. There is nothing more important.

This eBook will provide you with a basic framework for evaluating and comparing the various tech solutions you will come across in your research. This includes:

  • Tips on how to identify your needs
  • Functionality aspects to assess
  • Specific tools and features to look for
  • How to evaluate the software company

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