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This is How Project Managers Will Revolutionize the Jobsite in 2017


Imagine this: owners are calling you left and right. 

Not with angry phone calls, but with requests to manage their jobsite. In a time of rapid industry change, you have the luxury of cherry picking your projects because you have a healthy portfolio of projects that would make others envious.

Statistically, at least 85 percent of all projects go over budget while over 70 percent overshoot their closeout date. However, you’ve managed to defeat these statistics by cultivating efficient, collaborative, and innovative teams. And you’re turning heads in the process.

Even if you’re not comfortable with recognition, wouldn’t better pay and a great reference from project owners help to boost your career?

We’ve compiled a list of six changes to make in 2017 –personally and professionally – that will help you achieve all of this and more. Let’s get started.

1. Aim at personal development first, then professional development will follow.

Before you even step foot in the office or jobsite, you start your mornings at home. Make sure that your daily habits and personal lifestyle are helping you tackle every day with energy and motivation. Are you getting a healthy 8 hours of sleep each night? Is your diet properly fueling your stamina or weighing you down? 

Action Plan: Break your alarm clock and coffee dependency by using an app that wakes you up during the ideal stage for your body’s internal sleep cycle. It will help your body reset its’ sleeping patterns and you’ll wake up feeling refreshed instead of groggy. Treat your body like a Ferrari and fuel up with premium fresh foods. Get rid of non-essential clutter at home that can be donated or trashed.

2. Ask not what your job can do for you, but what you can do for your job.

Title promotions and salary increases are excellent motivations for doing better at work. But in 2017, put yourself in your owner’s shoes and come up with ways to increase your company’s value offerings. This will help you sell your services while bidding, win more work for your company, and raise some eyebrows in the process. 

Action Plan: Research new technologies that keep stakeholders up-to-date on jobsite progress. Then come up with a plan to pitch the value of investing in these technologies to your manager. 

3. Commit yourself to ongoing education.

Innovation is one of the factors that can help your company (and your position in your company) thrive. But “aha” moments don’t happen by magic. They come to people who cultivate an approach to looking at things differently. This starts by educating yourself and expanding your knowledge base. 

Action Plan: Subscribe to a trade magazine or e-newsletter to stay up to date with industry events, new technologies, and best practices. Attend tradeshows and webinars, or find a mentor in your company that can pass down their knowledge and experience. 

4. Get your boots muddy.

Show respect for the trades who do the physical labor of getting your projects built by learning the intricacies of their job. This will improve the camaraderie, communication, and collaboration on your jobsite. Plus, it will give you a better understanding of the many field elements that affect cost, schedule, quality, safety, and other variables that you manage. When the boss notices how well your team is collaborating, he or she might even seek you out for insight. 

Action plan: Whenever safe and appropriate, lend a hand to your specialty contractors.  Take the time to ask them questions about how the overall construction process can be perfected to streamline the workflow between building phases. Then use this info to keep the lines of communication open between all stakeholders.

5.Become an IT expert

Making sure your team’s technology is up to date might not be in your job description, but it should be. A great project manager never assumes that an issue has been addressed, or that workflows are as streamlined as they can be. In 2017, take it upon yourself to present an upgrade or solution that will help make your company more competitive and agile.

Action Plan: Communicate technology options to your business stakeholders and allow them to decide which options best support their business objectives and outcomes. Pay close attention to details in your daily reports and KPIs, not just to the bits and bytes. Use this information to identify your team’s problem zones and improvement opportunities. Then find technology that will enable your jobsite to run as smooth as a factory floor. 

6. Start benchmarking and coming up with solutions

Your jobsite produces a dizzying amount of data on a daily basis. Don’t just collect this data, use it to benchmark your team’s wins and losses. Then use this analysis to make informed decisions in the new year.

Action Plan:  Develop a foundation for embedding insights and data into your business decisions. The more you efficiently present issues and implement solutions in a timely and effective manner, the more your company will rely on you and think of you for future projects and promotions.

The winning play for effective companies in 2017 will be efficiency. And whether you’ve just started out or are a seasoned professional, you should be dedicated to continuously innovating and improving your team’s action plan. By doing so, you’ll be helping your company evolve along with the industry rather than getting left behind. 

Follow these six tips and build upon them to be poised to continue leading your company to success for years to come. 


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