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The Weekly Grind: Pioneers, Giants, and Champions


U.S. housing starts fell in March. Did permits pick up the slack?

As job security improves, more Americans are seeking homes. But even with a wave of construction, a dwindling supply of new and existing homes is a major drag on the market.

Ready for a binge? Here are 6 construction tech documentaries to stream now!

Educational and inspiring, these programs show the past, present, and future of construction worldwide. Get your popcorn ready…

Uncertainty is a word you don’t wanna hear when it comes to your margins…

Amid US–Canada trade deal uncertainty, the price of lumber remains unpredictable. But some clarity may come next week, as the International Trade Commission is expected to make a big announcement.

This rule could save 600 lives, but enforcement has been pushed back another 90 days.

To allow more time for outreach about the regulation and provide companies with more informational materials and guidance, OSHA has pushed back the start date on a regulation that will reduce lung cancer, silicosis, and other ailments.

Big-D Construction wins ‘ABC Champion of the Year’

During its annual Utah State Convention and EIC Awards Dinner the Associated Builders and Contractors (ABC) awarded the Beverly Taylor Sorenson Center of the Arts project the ‘Champion of the Year’.

Find out which state just passed a bill against Project Labor Agreement Mandates

According to the Associated Builders and Contractors (ABC), “As Americans consider proposals to rebuild our nation’s deteriorating infrastructure, it is imperative that lawmakers pass measures that support fairness and efficiency.”

If you need to lay underground wire or pipe, this is the only tool you need...

Sometimes when you need to shuffle around some earth, a giant shovel or even an excavator won't do. Sometimes, you need a giant chainsaw.

BIM will reach $7.6B by 2022. But none of that matters unless BIM continues to innovate.

Improved project efficiency and government mandates are the primary drivers of growth in the market. As BIM technology gets pushed further into the industry's mainstream, will this encourage further innovations? Or will BIM be outdated by 2022?

Is Pittsburgh a pioneer in green building? The GBA sure thinks so...

Once known as the smoky city, Pittsburgh’s environmental renaissance has been dramatic enough to make other metropolitan areas green with envy. The evidence of that comes in the form of some of Pittsburgh’s most prominent buildings.


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