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The True Spirit of the Gold Coast


Photo courtesy of The Urban Developer

With a population nearing 600,000 and steadily growing, the Gold Coast continues to promise an influx of residential development incorporating an attractive lifestyle. 

Due to the continued movement of people choosing to call the Gold Coast home, we are seeing a jump in the number of high-density accommodation developments. Spirit Apartments is one of them.

With construction now underway, the 89-level Spirit tower has seen both national and international interest and is actually set to be one of the tallest residential apartment buildings in Australia. Reaching a staggering 298 metres in height, this project will feature a wave-inspired facade that highlights the natural beauty in which it is built.

Developed by Forise Holdings, this complex project has a completion date of December 2020 and a total cost estimated at $1.2 billion.

Developed by Forise Holdings, this complex project has a completion date of December 2020 and a total cost estimated at $1.2 billion.

The floor space of each apartment is very generous. It has been deliberately designed so that buyers downsizing from houses don't feel like they’re sacrificing on space. The lucky new residents of these apartments will enjoy superior design complemented by spectacular views. Starting at 91m2 for a one-bedroom apartment, the oversized living spaces extend onto stunning balconies that welcome the warm Gold Coast breeze and ocean sounds.

Following the official sales launch in July, all eyes are on the exclusive penthouse, with the asking of $41.2 million. At 1,850m2, the penthouse offers an enviable lifestyle with unsurpassed views and elite services that one would come to expect from an apartment of this calibre.

According to Alesha Dawson, while developers across Australia have trended toward smaller apartment living spaces over the last decade, developer Forise Holdings is defying this trend by creating “super apartments” in the sky.   

Of the estimated $1.2 billion being spent on Spirit, $44 million has been injected into working with the challenging ground conditions. Covering a footprint of 3,600m2, the foundation presents layers of sands, clays, and underlying medium strong rock, along with a high water table and strong tidal influence. As a result, the building requires a six-level basement carpark to be constructed. Prior to excavation,140 columns are being plunged to a depth of 60m below natural surface. Keller and Mainland Civil engaged Jensen Bowers as the principal surveyor for the foundation set-out and a ‘top down’ construction method was chosen for the project.

Looking to outgrow their reputation as 'just a holiday destination,' the Gold Coast Council have taken some bold moves in their future strategy for the area. The Gold Coast 2022 plan states that Council intends to focus on delivering the required infrastructure for the growing city, protecting the natural environment and creating vibrant, safe and livable communities. Overall, Gold Coast 2022 delivers a collaborative plan for the city’s continued transformation and prosperity.

With these expectations, we should see many more notable construction projects in the area. The stretch between Mermaid Beach and Southport is the first to experience a large investment with four major projects under construction at present. The Spirit, Jewel, Ruby, and the expansion of The Star Gold Coast are all due for completion in 2020.

In a recent report by BlueWealth Property, the Gold Coast has a bright future. Through strategic infrastructure planning and the creation of new jobs, the Gold Coast is successfully transitioning away from a tourism-reliant economy towards one of more diversity. The Gold Coast now has an economy valued at $25.2 billion, making it Queensland’s second largest regional contributor.

"Projects such as these profoundly demonstrate that the Gold Coast has arrived as a world-leading tourism and lifestyle destination."

Julian Sutherland of Ray White Surfers Paradise says, “We’ve got the amazing transformation of The Star Casino and now the emergence of what will be one of the world’s most unique and definable residential projects in Spirit. Projects such as these profoundly demonstrate that the Gold Coast has arrived as a world-leading tourism and lifestyle destination in the midst of some $30 billion in public and private development."

With about 263 days of sunshine each year and a daily temperature averaging a beautiful 25.7 degrees, the subtropical climate of the Gold Coast is one of the most thermally comfortable in the world. With this in mind, it is important that the architecture of these new developments sync with the natural offering of this area.

Tory James provided an interesting insight in Foreground. “The Gold Coast needs more landscape architects to lead the design of the ground level and the public/private interface of the city’s tall buildings. All built environment practitioners need to understand why it is important to conserve and enhance the resort-style qualities that make the Gold Coast distinctive.” 


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