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The Leaning Tower of SF and University Buildings Aren't The Only Fixer Uppers on The Block


Technophobes Likely to Run Away from These Homes

Experimental new materials will mean houses that can breathe and heal themselves. The difficulty will be finding people willing to live in them. Read more.

Construction Interns Offered Scholarships 

Students partaking of college-level construction coursework are finding benefactors in the builder community. Read more. 

Candidates Roll Out Infrastructure Promises

The nation's bridges and tunnels regret being made pawns in the 2016 presidential campaign. Read more. 

Apartment Listing: 60-floor Concrete Skyscraper Sinks 16" and Tilts Another 2"

SF's 645-foot Millenium Tower is sinking and leaning. Rents so far are unaffected. Read more. 

Canada Quietly Approves Hydroelectric Takedown of Native Lands

Canada's recent signing of the UN Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples makes the decision especially surprising to natives. Read more. 

Weird New Acronym is First Volley in Green British Invasion 

U.S. construction sector is willing to adopt the UK's BREEAM standard as long as they don't ever to say it out loud. Read more. 

U of Washington Late Turning in Maintenance Homework

The total cost of backlogged repairs at the university is estimated to be around $1 billion. Read more. 

Brazil Contractor Takes Tin Medal in Olympic Worker's Rights

Real Estate firm Cyrela's workers are joining with attorneys to accuse the builder of "slave labor" practices. Read more. 

Vegas Beats House as Real Estate Losing Streak Turns Around

Las Vegas will need a new nickname, as "Lost Wages" and housing slump go the way of the Wayne Newton Steak Dinner. Read more. 

Buildings of Tomorrow Showcase the Possibilities

These wildly varied structures have one thing in common: your stunned expression. Read more. 


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