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The Industry Status in Embracing Tech, Seeking Next Gen Builders, and Depending on Immigrant Workers


U.S. Construction Companies Not Fully Embracing Tech

A drone inspection here, a digital punch list there....U.S. builders are still largely hesitant to fully dive into construction tech. Read more. 

Housing Starts Fail to Meet August Projections

August number is off by 100,000 houses. Louisiana floods may be partly to blame, but the figures still don't quite square. Read more. 

Long-awaited New Phoenix Freeway to Begin Construction 

The completed South Mountain Freeway will offer a second traffic artery through Central Phoenix. Read more. 

Canada's Brock Commons Takes Tallest Wood Building Title 

As wood and wood-based composites compete with steel for strength and flexibility, the world's tallest wooden structures are gaining more attention. And respect.  Read more. 

Three Interesting Developments in Lower Manhattan Capture the Imagination  

Optician Sol Moscot's business has been located at  86 Delancy in Manhattan since 1936. At the city's request he is moving across the street so they can replace his former 2-story offices with a 29,000 foot high rise.   Read more. 

Construction Sector's Approach to Digital Affected by Risk Averse Culture

The news is good and bad. Good: There are some industries even less invested in digital. Bad: Those industries are hunting and agriculture. Read more. 

Construction Startup Direct Movement Group Shares Secrets of Success

The company has pioneered the "working superintendent" as part of its "speed  building" brand. Read more. 

Construction Boom Owes Accountability to Immigrant Workers Responsible for Success 

The construction sector needs to own up to the immigrant workforce that has so much to do with its success.  Read more. 

Construction Sector Needs to Proactively Seek Next Generation Builders  

With reduction of Industrial Arts programs in public schools, the next wave of builders are not just going to arise from the grassroots. Construction is looking for ways to spark passion in young people.   Read more. 

Construction Giant Gilbane Opens Ethics Hotline   

Gilbane has long had an in-company resource that allows its employees to anonymously report concerns. Now they have expanded the service to their clients, subcontractors, vendors, and other partners. Read more.    


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