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The Case for Implementing Construction Management Software


Construction is one of the most collaborative industries there is. It takes many moving parts, workers and meticulous planning to bring a project from planning phase to completion. Managing those pieces presents a challenge for even the most organized crew, but harnessing the power of software tools and platforms can make organization of even the most complex construction projects less stressful and considerably more efficient.

There is no shortage of construction management software options out there, and figuring out which offering suits your company or project best can be daunting if you don’t know where to start. A consultation with a construction management software expert can evaluate your specific needs and map out a plan of implementation. Procore itself offers a comprehensive suite of cloud-based applications and a proprietary Procore Construction OS, a unified platform connecting all workers, applications and devices. Having an easy to use, collaborative platform saves time throughout any project and keeps everyone involved on the same page.

Procore itself offers a comprehensive suite of cloud-based applications and a proprietary Procore Construction OS.  

A comprehensive integrated construction management software system not only helps with planning an execution of actual building projects, but it can be an invaluable tool for back-end functions like billing, estimating, scheduling and other key decision-making. Such software can also help cut down on the stacks of paper most construction companies deal with on a daily basis, safely organizing everything with a cloud-based document management system. Reducing paper clutter and keeping all relevant project data at arm’s reach has become a serious competitive advantage, and software that includes such data storage options offers more granular control of the scads of data construction companies must juggle.

Accounting software is another way to cut down on paper, but also reduce inaccuracies in billing and budgeting, provide more accurate estimates, view contracts, access change orders, and track projects in progress. Since the data is compiled and updated in real-time, using accounting software lets every project stakeholder keep track of every expenditure that pops up, unexpected or not, enabling you to minimize potential cost overruns before they get out of control. Integrated construction management software keeps all relevant project information in one place, which crunches the relevant data and provides estimates on budgets and profits. Project managers can use such a dashboard to see at a glance opportunities for cost savings and potential warning signs of cost overruns.

Seamless collaboration between the many disparate stakeholders on any given project is key to success. 

Seamless collaboration between the many disparate stakeholders on any given project is key to success. If any part of that chain breaks down, it can have significant consequences on a project’s timeline or budget. Using construction management software adds a layer of simplicity by providing a blueprint so everyone involved, from architects to laborers to project managers to sub-contractors, can be sure they’re working towards the same goals, even though their specific duties may widely vary. Updates and changes can be made on the fly and viewed by everyone using the platform right at their fingertips, which prevents costly re-work, redundant efforts, or miscommunication.

If your goal is to improve efficiency, stop cost overruns in their tracks, and organize all elements of a project at a macro level, utilizing a suite of construction management software is a no-brainer. The spectrum of tools and platforms offered by today’s software programs are helping construction companies all over the world improve processes, reduce inefficiencies, and complete jobs faster and with greater accuracy than ever before.

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