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Technophobes, Construction Titan in Court, and Terrible Temperatures... Here's the Rundown for this Week


Ah, the Music of Jackhammers in the Evening. Construction Work in the Desert Begins at Moonrise

In Phoenix, a major metropolis in the middle of the Sonoran Desert, temperatures routinely break 100 degrees for days on end. What does that mean to a construction worker? It means metal rebar that can sear the flesh and a new appreciation for the night shift. Read more.

Megaproject Giant Turner Construction Taken to Court Over Jobsite Fence

Turner Construction is known as the Master of the Mega Project, from the gargantuan Dubai Mall to the boggling 118-story Merdeka Tower in Malaysia. So how did a little jobsite fence land the construction titan in court? Read more.

Thorns in the Garden State: Housing Slowdown has NJ Concerned

New home construction permits have slowed in the State of New Jersey. It isn't clear why, but state economists are nevertheless cautiously pessimistic. Read more.

Paper or Electron? State that ushered in modernist Age of the Automobile moves hesitantly to electronic construction permitting.

Michigan's Bureau of Construction Codes is moving to a paperless permitting process, to the delight of developers and architects. Technophobes can still use paper applications for the time being. Read more.

Hard Hats in the Cloud: Global adoption of CMS Predicted to Jump 15%

The construction sector, once considered the realm of tech-retrogrades, is seizing the global digital moment as CMS software flies off the shelves. At play are an Asia-Pacific building boom, oil and gas infrastructure, and a generation of GCs raised on electronics. Read more.


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