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Technology is Changing Construction – Don’t get Left Behind

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In this digital age, staying complacent and set in your ways can be detrimental to your bottom line, and your reputation.The construction industry is evolving rapidly and it seems every day there are new elements to consider, new materials available and a shifting workforce.

Technology is transforming the way we do things and companies that are unwilling to keep up risk extinction. Those who are already embracing new technology can see that there are exciting times ahead for the Industry.

Let’s look at three key focal points that apply whether you’re a general contractor, builder or subcontractor working in residential, commercial, homebuilding or any specialty construction trade.

1.         Technology and Communication

When it comes to communication on the jobsite, phone calls and emails are no longer the preferred method. The arrival of smartphones and tablets have influenced the development of powerful software and applications which help developers, contractors and sub contractors have instant communication on the field, in the office, anywhere, anytime.

Construction management software plays an integral part in modern communication. These programs allow users to manage all aspects of their business from estimating and job costing through to labour tracking and risk management. These systems are now considered essential, with it being almost impossible to communicate with fellow contractors without one.

Project management software such as Procore enables unlimited collaboration by helping users work with all players in real time.

2.         Technology and Software

Millennials entering the workforce, and their successors, are accustomed to technology and smartphones, and expect to use both in the workplace.

New, cutting-edge applications are being developed at a rapid pace and these innovations come with a lot of benefits to contractors including a reduction in costs, minimisation of waste materials, and a decline in errors, just to name a few. There are also numerous safety issues that are made redundant by the use of hi-tech items such as drones.

Thanks to modern technology contractors and subcontractors, regardless of size or capabilities, can now benefit from using innovative software to keep them on board with what’s happening on every aspect of a project.

Procore's cloud-based construction management system is not only an amazing communication tool, it also enables real-time visibility and collaboration allowing team members to work from the most current information, drawings and specs.

This software can be used for so many things including identifying gaps in labor productivity. This level of insight can protect your profit margins, improve performance, and give live visibility on progress.

JobSite ANZ spoke with Adam Folino, Director of Operations at Bypass Pty Ltd. 

"Project management software is absolutely paramount in today's day and age. New tech is creating huge efficiency and trackability in the construction industry. 

"Project management software is absolutely paramount in today's day and age. New tech is creating huge efficiency and trackability in the construction industry. Thankfully, painful paperwork has now been replaced by new tech, allowing teams to collaborate and communication swiftly online, from any location, says Folino."

"Many companies in construction are hesitant to introduce (or even trial) new tech. Instead they stick to using costly time-consuming 'old school' methods.  Most early adopters of tech actively seek out new innovations to improve their business. They're not afraid to trial or test new tech before fully adopting. We work with talented young construction professionals who want to work with innovative companies that use the latest construction software. Those who fail to adopt new tech will simply go out of business. Others who adopt will thrive," adds Folino.    

3.         Technology and Employee Training

Training should be recognised for the true value it brings to a business. While it's a big part of the on-boarding process, it's more important than ever to offer continuous training opportunities to your workers. Doing this will ultimately benefit your business by encouraging employee loyalty and the technological advances they learn can be implemented into your business. It's a win-win situation.

We need to see training as an investment resulting in a major payoff for your business. Recruiting will also become easier when you can offer new staff an opportunity to advance their knowledge and skills.

Studies show that businesses with a strong culture of learning experience up to 50 percent higher employee retention than those without, and we all know the high cost involved with staff turnover.



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