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Technology is ALIVE on jobsites: The Alive.ai video story




Hey I'm Danny Rodriguez CEO of Animusoft and we're the makers of Alive.

 Some of the cool things that we're doing on job sites today are with Rovers and the alive platform. Alive is that software platform that glues together drones -- the operations the management analysis and the integration of drones (land sea and air) into your workforce. The best thing that we're doing today is around rovers.

 Now, rovers is the latest hot thing in construction and basically what's happening is today you have superintendents out of the jobsite and they're walking through the job site floor after floor after floor and they don't always capture anything every day. Superintendents are very busy people... and how do we automate that?

 Well that's where the rover comes in. You get one of our rovers with the Alive platform, you put 360 cameras on there to capture 360 imagery within the interior of a building and doing that every day on a daily basis, your workforce goes home the rover is cranked up and they start capturing 360 video and imagery at certain locations are you selected. Furthermore you can put on things like laser scanners.

 Whether it's a Velodyne or Trimble or something very complex, you can put this right on top of it and you can go ahead and capture those 3D point clouds for you. You can actually add things like environmental sensors; so things like dust magnetic, humidity, temperature, different types of gases, and actually make heat maps for each one of your floors -- so the sky's limit with this kind of thing, and what this actually solves for you is now you can do daily progress reporting of your jobsite.

 You know where you are and all these know superintendents will be you know they'll have their workload reduced and other people be able to see this information so you'll have architects and the engineers back at the office be able to do the same walk through the superintendent does, and actually help them out with their job. Ultimately what we want to drive home to you is, how do we automate your workforce? How do we make it easier for you, and more cost-effective, while reducing your risk in the things you do every single day.



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    How long will it take for a worker to throw those things out the window or smash it with a hammer? Personally, I wouldn't want those things roaming around my jobs. It's just another overhead expense, paying for the equipment, a person to operate it, and someone to analyze the information. It's spying on the workers. Big brother can stay at home.
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