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Spain’s Ferrovial to Modernize 70,000 Sq.m of Denver International Airport


Denver Int'l Airport's Great Hall will be Reworked by Spain's Ferrovial Agroman

Consortium headed by Spain’s Ferrovial will hold talks with Denver International Airport on the “Great Hall” project within the framework of a public-private partnership. The project envisages improvement of the airport, GCR reports.

Denver International Airport announced its decision to enter into negotiations with Ferrovial on the 1st of July.

According to the statement of Ferrovial, the terms and scope of work for the project’s pre-development phase are to be discussed in the near future.

In particular, Ferrovial will negotiate the concession agreement on the design, construction, finance, operation, and maintenance of the project. The company will have to modernize a 70,000 square metres main terminal at Denver International Airport.

Original article posted on: http://russianconstruction.com/news-1/24236-spains-ferrovial-to-modernize-70000-sqm-of-denver-international-airport.html.