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Scorcher Alert for SEQ


Workers on the job in South East Queensland need to take extra care to avoid heat stress today, with the region set to swelter in record-breaking spring heat.

Brisbane is looking at a forecast maximum temperature of around 36C.

The Sunshine State experienced blazing temperatures in the west on Wednesday but it was a mild 26 degrees in the capital, which is now bracing for a spring heatwave.

The mercury is forecast to rise to a maximum 39C at Ipswich while at Longreach it could hit 41C.

There's only a five per cent chance of rain and a severe fire danger rating is in place, along with fire bans, across southeast Queensland.

The forecast heat hits the southern parts of the state a day after Queensland's hottest 

September day was recorded in the outback town of Birdsville.

A blast of hot air drawn down from the country's north drove the mercury to 42.5C on Wednesday afternoon, surpassing the previous state record by 0.1C.

The spike in temperatures has prompted concerns for the power network.

Energy Minister Mark Bailey has reassured residents the state's electricity network will be able to handle the demands but has asked Queenslanders to use appliances wisely.

"If you are using your air conditioner please set it at 24 degrees so it runs more efficiently which will also help your electricity bill," he said.

Friday is also tipped to be a scorcher, with a maximum of 34C predicted for Brisbane CBD, and 37C predicted for Ipswich and Gatton.


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