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Philadelphia Finds Timely Decoration for Construction Sites


There are many different ways to mask the unsightliness of a construction project, and Philadelphia has come up with one that dovetails nicely with the political goings-on this season. Former Pennsylvania Governor Ed Rendell joined representatives of the Democratic National Convention, for which Philadelphia is playing host this election season, for a grand unveiling of enormous scrims bearing political quotations, chosen to reflect the current climate. These signs have been hung from construction sites all over Philadelphia, a city whose nickname “The Cradle of Liberty” speaks to its having once been the nation’s capital, and the site of the signings of both the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution. The scrims will feature quotes from a handful of former Presidents. Former governor Rendell points out that there is a deliberate  balance between the two political parties represented by the quotes on the gigantic construction-masking signs. Read more...


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