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Owning the Skyline

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From town to megacity, the world’s urban spaces are defined by their skylines. A skyline is, of course, a collection of buildings and infrastructure seen from a particular vantage—each of which started as a project vision that was completed by marrying the owner’s vision with an integrated project team, which collaborated to complete the job. Most projects are actually complex technological achievements envisioned and funded by visionary, risk-taking, entrepreneurs – the people known as owners. 

We call these people Groundbreakers for being willing to challenge the status quo, dream big, and get the job done. Behind closed eyes owners see a skyline where others see only sky. We share that vision, and are in a position to help actualize it. Here’s what that means.

Tomorrow’s Capital Project. Today’s Owner Platform. 

I’ve spent years working on developing an owner-centric project solution that could provide the owner clarity and transparency in the many decisions unique to the transactional owner ecosystem. We joined the Procore family earlier this year, dovetailing our years of work and research with a team of like-minded construction innovators pursuing a singular mission—to connect everyone in construction through a common, global platform. 

The fact is, construction is among the least digitized sectors in the world, according to MGI’s digitization index. This should come as no surprise; look at what’s been accomplished, for hundreds of years, with bare hands and rivets.

But a new era is upon us with serious new implications which we have no choice but to confront. 

Today, 55% of the world’s population lives in urban areas, a figure that is expected to increase to 68% by 2050. Projections show that this “urbanization” will combine with the growth of the world’s population to add another 2.5 billion people to our cities by 2050. To put it plainly, we’re on the cusp of the most extended global building boom we as a society have ever experienced. This necessary new era of efficiency and planning and execution will require a pivot to technologies that close the familiar productivity and safety gaps that have long haunted the construction ecosystem. 

Owners all over the world are ushering in a new construction perspective. The benefits of a digital, cloud-based construction management platform are self-evident, and necessary to accomplish what lies ahead. We are deeply invested in becoming absolutely synonymous with the best-in-class platform for the owner, one that leverages an integrative workflow—from the owner to the specialty contractor—to assure precision and project velocity. With owner input and partnership, we’ll accelerate project completion, deepen the owner’s project oversight, and continue to hone the Procore platform and tool suite to fit the mission like a glove. 

Getting on Site

Project risk—to investment, reputation, even life and limb—is a product not only of siloed workflows, but of the owner being firewalled from the build itself. Why is the owner—of all people—watching the project from afar, reliant on such emails, phone calls, and reporting as the hard-working site rep can manage? 

What if the owner could effectively access the project-in-progress at will; virtually roam the jobsite and review in real time the build’s status—the hour-by-hour state of the investment? This is technology not as a collection of bells and whistles, but as a window on progress. 

Age of Owners

We understand the centrality of the owner to all that lies ahead. Owner insights will continue to spur Procore to innovations specific to the owner’s unique set of responsibilities. 

Tomorrow’s urban revolution is in motion today.

McKinsey predicts annual global construction spending to reach $14 trillion by 2025. That’s $14 trillion owner-provided dollars handed over to construction experts each year with full faith in the future value of the resulting builds. 

Owners—those culture-defining Groundbreakers given the task of shaping tomorrow’s skylines—deserve solutions specifically designed to optimize their efforts. Those tools have arrived. 

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