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Omaha's Approach to Potholes: Dirt


OMAHA, Neb. (AP) — With its miles of suburban-style neighborhoods, Omaha is a model of comfortable mid-American living, but there's an exception.

The city has 300 miles of streets pitted with potholes almost big enough to swallow an SUV.

The roads have drawn complaints for years, but recently residents' irritation escalated after city officials dispatched crews to turn some bumpy asphalt streets back into dirt roads.

City officials say developers in some neighborhoods didn't pay the cost to build sturdier streets decades ago, so the city shouldn't have to pay to upgrade them now. But residents say that dirt roads are unworthy of an affluent, growing metropolis with a vibrant economy.

Mayor Jean Stothert has suspended the dirt road construction, but no one has offered a plan to fix all the bad streets.

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