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Olympic Stadium Plans, an Impressively Green Tower, and a European Great Wall


Calais Mayor Fails to Halt Construction of "Great Wall"

Calais is the French port town that lies along the narrowest part of the English Channel. Britain is paying Calais $2.6M to build a 12' wall there. Why? In order to stop immigrant asylum seekers from entering the UK. Read more. 

Augmented Reality Makes for Actual Workplace Safety

In a useful new twist on the augmented reality tech already used in construction planning, workers thoroughly familiarize themselves with an accurately rendered virtual model of the coming project jobsite. Fewer surprises means greater safety. Read more. 

Hurricane Matthew Takes Aim at South Florida Construction

As Matthew makes landfall, Florida construction projects look at Haitian devastation and do their best to batten down the jobsites. It's not looking good. Read more. 

Construction Adds 11,000 Jobs in September...So Far.

In another sign of robust construction expansion, the jobs outlook news continues to spur confidence in the sector. Read more. 

One World Center is a Green Tower to be Reckoned With

The eye-popping glass and steel symbol of American strength is also a notable green achievement, with 40% recycled materials content and self-powering elevators, to name just two innovations. Read more. 

Fun and Games: Japan Approves $1.5B Olympic Stadium Plan

The next summer olympics are still four years away, but Japan has tossed aside one plan and embraced another as it ramps up to the massive build. Read more. 

Metal Construction Association Identifies Five Factors That Drive Non-Residential Construction 

An embrace of technology and vastly improved construction delivery systems are among the factors that keep the non-residential sector growing. Read more. 

Gigantic Machinery Delivers Bridge Components in UK Highway Project

They're installing a huge new bridge over the UK's Highway M56, and just the delivery of the assembled pieces to the site is something to behold. Read more. 

San Diego Chargers' Proposed New Stadium Promises Huge Revenues for City

385,000 leasable square feet will ease the stress on SD's overbooked convention center while bringing dollars to city coffers. Read more. 

Internet of Things to Revolutionize Construction's Use of...Things.

The much talked-about IoT will connect construction's vast array of machines to an Internet that will monitor, report, and track.  Read more. 


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