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Non-Home Construction Spending Upswing, Women "Tradesmen", and Chicago's New Third Tallest Building


Catastrophic Success: New Housing Orders Outnumber Qualified House Builders

Following the 2008 Recession, contractors looked forward to the next housing boom. They wished too hard. Read more. 

Offices and Hotels Lead Construction Spending - May be Tied to Skilled Homebuilder Shortage 

The surge in hotel building may suggest wandering mobs of houseless homebuyers in need of lodging while labor force catches up with home orders. Read more. 

Flagship Rural Outreach Program in India Laying Down 86 Miles of Road a Day

Well-meaning government move is a mixed blessing as notorious Indian driving is exported to previously pastoral countryside.  Read more. 

Women Happy to Fill Trades as WITC Program Addresses Skilled Labor Shortage

The gender-centric term "Tradesman" is being revised as waves of women sign on to the new tech career programs being offered. Skilled labor shortage, this one's for you. Read more. 

New Hyper-Realistic Roller-Coaster Toy Has Hobbyists Abuzz

The innovative company is still perfecting the "bile-squirter pump," but says the toy is otherwise ready for market. Read more. 

Chicago Begins Construction on Third Tallest Building 

The tower's designer is working closely with engineers to build "architectural disappointment" into the edifice, which will only ever be Number Three on the Windy City's famous skyline.  Read more. 

Minnesota Light Rail Faces 11th hour Uphill Climb

The mortally-wounded Twin Cities rail project is opposed by both bus enthusiasts and State Republicans in the Assembly. Read more. 

Dean McKenzie Named New Boss of OSHA’s Directorate of Construction

The 40 year construction veteran set a tough new tone by fining OSHA for improper lighting of his promotion ceremony. Read more. 

Construction Employment Continues to Decline

Difficulty in attracting skilled workers remains despite GCs offer of higher pay and jobsite trailers by Airstream. Read more. 

China Pioneers 3D Printed Public Toilets

Privacy activists who already feared public restrooms are not emboldened by "printed" stalls. Read more. 


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