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Matchmaker: Connecting People and Jobs Through Technology


Australia is currently experiencing a huge boom in the construction industry. That means the chances of finding the right people for the workforce, while still meeting deadlines, can be pretty slim. Recent research shows candidate availability in the trade and construction sector experienced a decline of up to 15 per cent in 2017.

Much like any market, when demand increases, so does the price. However, in this case, the workers are the commodity. The industry relies on time, money and the right people for the job. So how can construction companies effectively connect with one of the most important assets in the industry… the workers?

Much like any market, when demand increases, so does the price.

Jobsite ANZ spoke with Keith Moore, Head of Community at ConX, Australia’s fastest growing construction network. 

“We start by giving individuals and businesses a platform to create a personal construction profile, which they can customise based on their trade and experience, much like LinkedIn does for the professional world,” says Moore.

Once a user has created a profile, they can begin using the site’s full functionality. The three main aspects of the platform are:

1. The Jobs Board

The Jobs Board is where the jobs are posted and matched with individuals. The matches are based on their relevant trade, skills and location.

“At ConX, our main goal with the jobs board is to give workers the ability to connect directly with contractors, thus alleviating the need for labour hire providers”, says Mr. Moore.

This not only gives individuals a chance to earn a higher rate for themselves, but it also saves the company money by making a direct connection and cutting out the middleman margin.

2. The Tendering Platform

The Tendering Platform is a place where companies can post details of their tender and upload relevant documents. Builders or subcontractors can send tenders to their preferred subcontractor list or put it on the open network to get quotes from other contractors using the platform. All bidders are validated with licenses and insurances, and are encouraged to uphold a high level of work standards and ethics.

All job posters and applicants have qualifications, experience and images of their work publicly available to view. The strongest aspect of the tendering platform is the ability for posters and applicants to save time by easily shortlisting eligible companies and candidates.

3. The Network

In today’s thriving technological age, people love to cling to our social networks and stay connected.

On the network, users can connect and manage all of their existing contracts. They also have the opportunity to forge new relationships with new contractors. In today’s thriving technological age, people love to cling to our social networks and stay connected. According to Moore, there’s no reason why an industry like construction can’t adopt the same principle.

Saving Time and Money to Focus on People

The core function of construction-specific software is ultimately to save time and money for contractors. ConX delivers this service with transparency and collaboration with the goal of helping the industry grow. ConX removes pain points for construction companies and mitigates the risk of hiring the wrong person for the job, whether they’re unexperienced or too expensive.

“For me, the simple answer to this is: If we all work together and learn from each other, history has proven we will be better off in the long run,” says Moore.

In an industry where quite literally many hands can make light work, the philosophy of ‘together is better’ really does shine true.

“We are really excited about the direction in which the industry is going and the part that ConX can play in bringing it all together,” notes Moore.


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