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Major Cities like NYC and Austin are Picking Up the Pace in Innovation and Intrigue


Walking the Walk: Residential Areas Rated on Pedestrian Perfection

The new urban planning wants us to be able to get around on foot. Walkability is an important new value-added, and these cities top the list of foot-traffic-friendly places to live. Read more.

Age Before Duty: GCs Grudgingly Take up Tech

Much is said about the jobsite generation gap where tech adoption is concerned. Turns out age isn't really the issue; familiarity is. Read more.

Texas Outlier Austin Sweeps ENR Project Awards

"Keep Austin Weird." The famous bumper sticker is a rallying cry for the town's continued uniqueness. That uniqueness carried over at the ENR awards ceremony. Read more.

NYC Glows in Development Time-lapse Map 

I'll take Manhattan: New York's streetscape blossoms with color as graphic map shows new construction growth. Read more.

Construction Employment on the Uptick

14,000 workers put on their hard hats and got to work in July. That's a whopping 3.3%. It sounds small, but is a powerful indicator. Read more.

Soundness of Nuclear Reactor in Question 

The Lithuanian press has broken news on a site accident that may compromise the integrity of Belarus' newest power-generating reactor. Read more.

It Takes a Beating and Keeps on Tweeting

The glassy, fragile smart device has a tough new cousin, and the hard hats are lining up to buy them. Read more.

Canadian Company Augments Real Rooms with Virtual Interiors

A Calgary-based firm has come up with an augmented reality product that lets buyers virtually test interior designs on real rooms.  Read more.

Olympic Construction Watchdogs Sound Cautionary Note 

The lead-up to the opening of the games in Rio were a gift to scandal-starved media outlets. Now that predicted disaster has been outshone by gold, silver, and bronze, cost becomes the focus. Read more.

Skyscrapers to the Rescue as Cities Continue Growth

The beautifully designed apartment tower with its head in the clouds is more than architectural glory: skyscrapers allow cities to thrive. Read more.


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