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iPhone X hits the market, but is it construction friendly?


Photo courtesy of Apple

The coolest new gadget to hit the technosphere is the iPhone X. It’s been ten years since the launch of the first iPhone and the X (or iPhone Ten) is the biggest step forward for the company in years. This new phone has no physical buttons and instead will unlock itself and react using a new facial recognition system.

How does it work? The phone sends out a set of invisible dots that it can sense using an infrared camera. These dots create a map of your face and tells the built-in security system whether or not to let you in.

There are a few other  tricks up this phone’s sleeve including wireless charging and a big, bright OLED screen. You can even animate emojis that you send to friends using the facial recognition system.

This new phone, which you can pre-order on October 27, will cost $999 for the entry level model - about as much as a good laptop. 

The most important thing to note is the price. This new phone, which you can pre-order on October 27, will cost $999 for the entry level model - about as much as a good laptop.

Why should you upgrade? Primarily because this phone is slowly but surely moving you toward a portless future. Because you don’t have to press a button - even a fake button like on the new iPhone 7 - there is less opportunity to get dirt and grit into your phone. You can, for example, look at your phone over on the desk, check out the latest email or other message, and when you turn away the phone will shut itself down.

The most dangerous thing about the new X is the glass on the front and the back says Eyal Ronen, founder of iPhone repair service Puls. Without a case, he said, your iPhone is all but doomed on the jobsite.

“Glass on the back of a device might look great and allow wireless charging but the device will have a tendency to break,” said Ronen. “Unless Apple introduces a new and improved type of glass, this will mean more repairs for users. The back of the device also tends to get more scratches than the front. Will users sacrifice the design for a case which will hide it? Probably not.”

It will be priced at about $600. 

Apple is also selling the iPhone 8, an improved version of the current iPhone without all the face recognition bells and whistles. It will be priced at about $600.

Should you upgrade? I sure am. Your dinged up old phone is great and that crazy case you put on it keeps everything - mud, cement, and coffee - off of your screen. But upgrading to the X gives you some truly unique features and, after all, who doesn’t love a new gadget?

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