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How to Gain Leads and Get Ahead of the Competition


With numerous construction companies competing to obtain work on project developments, it is imperative that both the companies and project managers have access to key information regarding any new opportunities.

Jobsite ANZ spoke with Jamie Wade, the Publishing and Content Director and Editor-in-Chief for Projectory, which provides news on the planning and development of major construction projects in Australia. 

Wade shared his insights on how construction businesses can gain a lead on competitors and how to find new projects.

“In this digital age, there is a plethora of information online about construction activity. However, that doesn’t mean it is quality information or the right information that suppliers and service providers need.”

Accessibility to Major Projects

Projectory provides information on major construction, resource, energy, infrastructure and defense projects worth more than $30 million. The information covers a wide range of projects from oil and gas facilities to desalination plants. Projectory  interviews project managers and developers to gather vital information which is updated weekly.  The data  includes, project type, key dates, employment opportunities, contractors, the contracting arrangement, the project manager and their contact details. 

“Access to services such as Projectory allows suppliers and service providers to keep their finger on the pulse of active and emerging major project activity in Australia,” says Wade. “This greatly improves their chances of winning work.”  

Construction companies and workers need to know about up-and-coming big projects as early as possible so they can make plans to participate.

“They need to know key dates, the scope of works and project characteristics, procurement protocol and who is managing the purchase, procurement and specification of plant equipment and services with the project,” says Wade.

Freeing up Resources

Sifting through the range of information about construction projects on the Internet is time-consuming and often inefficient. Even if information about a project is found quickly, much more work is required. One needs to investigate whether there are opportunities to work on the project and who are the key people to contact.  

Constant following up is also necessary to stay up to date and obtain new information on projects. Services such as Projectory do this work so that the construction company doesn’t have to.

“This frees up time and resources for suppliers and service providers to focus on projects they have the best possible chance of winning,” says Wade. “It also means they can invest more time in presenting a quality bid or tender.” 



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