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How Much Does Procore Construction Software Cost?


People occasionally ask us where they can find pricing information for Procore on the website. You won’t find it there. That’s because Procore is priced using a variable model which depends on the size of the client.  While we value transparency, the questions around cost become a little too complex to answer on a static web page. 

There are several questions that lead into discussions we have with clients about cost. Who's going to be using Procore? Is it going to be used on several hundred projects within an annual period, or is it going to be used on just one or two projects? Are those projects going to have small teams? For example, a high-end custom home might have six or seven people collaborating on the design, plus the general contractor, the site supervisor, the superintendent, and project management. Or is this going to be a huge multinational team that's trying to put together a new data center to be built in Abu Dhabi, and then once that data center template has been done successfully, they're going to take that same model and build it in Indonesia and then again in Venezuela? Those examples comprise two completely different types of construction projects. As a result, on the bigger project, Procore is going to have to service more people in more time zones and more languages which will require more training and additional setup for users and permissions. Various project facets are considered in our pricing structure, and based on the prospect’s needs, we determine what types of resources (such as our inspections tool), on average, each client is going to need.

Procore's price varies, but the service does not.

Our implementation managers, customer support representatives, and customer success managers are there to give you the support you need to be successful – and it’s all included. This means implementation, training, customer support, unlimited users, and automatic feature updates.

When you get a quote from Procore, it's always going to be a reasonable quote for the value Procore provides.

Since we include all the training and all the support in a single price (which is something our customers really love), the variability of the size of the customer has a direct impact on our pricing. So it's a complex question to answer, because we factor in a lot of things when we come up with a pricing plan. Our president, Steve Zahm, and I both agree that we would love nothing more than to put a simple price tag on our website saying how much Procore costs, but it just can't be done. Just like every building ever constructed has a different price tag, every Procore access agreement has to take into account a lot of different variables as well.

Smaller clients shouldn't have to pay the same price as huge clients with different needs. They're going to pay a price that's fair and competitive in the marketplace. In fact, we're probably going to come in a lot lower than what they're accustomed to paying.

Compare Legacy Technology to Procore

It's not unusual for a small, medium, or large customer to come to us after using an old legacy technology that required:

  • servers

  • service-level agreements with support people to support those servers

  • annual maintenance and support costs

  • paid training costs

  • Citrix servers to log into the system remotely

  • staffing to support the complex infrastructure

With some of these old client/server systems, not only do you have to buy all the hardware and the software and then pay for data-center space, but you have to hire an IT professional at a six-figure salary just to babysit that server and make sure it's working.

Considering all of the previous overhead, Procore is just a fraction of the cost.

Feature Updates Don't Cost You Anything

We release customer-driven, customer-requested feature updates all the time. We've mentioned this before, but it bears repeating: Whether you're a large or small client, no matter what your cost is, updates to existing features are included in your pricing.

Our all-inclusive pricing model also means better cost predictability in the long run. One of the nicest things about Procore's single, flat rate annual access agreement is that when we say that it's one fee, we mean one fee for as many users as you care to bring on board.

Avoiding Common Pricing Problems

Other systems will charge you anywhere from $1,000 to $5,000 for every additional user. So, if you have a lot of projects that come up unexpectedly and you need to bring on new superintendents all of a sudden, your software cost is going to go up in that year. If you have an engineering firm that wants to be on the system, you're going to have to manage those extra users. 

Some companies try to buy fewer licenses than the maximum number they might possibly need. It kind of makes sense, if you think about it - they don't want to buy licenses that would go unused. 

But what typically ends up happening is that they get staff members to share licenses. Well, there's a big cost that goes with that: all of a sudden you have to change the email address and change the permissions depending on which user is going to be using that license that week or that month. You also lose your audit trail and your risk increases. It’s impossible to prove which user made changes to your projects when multiple people are using the same login information.

With Procore, it's simple. Under one annual access agreement, you include everyone from the office admin to the head of the architecture firm, to the owner's representative, to the construction managers and subcontractors. They all have access to Procore (at no additional charge). They all get a user login and ID. There are no user cost variances which means your costs for Procore are known and fixed for the entire annual period.

We Offer a Predictable Pricing Structure

What our customers want is predictable pricing that they don't have to worry about. With Procore, that’s exactly what you get – you know what your cost is going to be. It is what it is. We believe our product provides immense value and savings beyond what you were required to pay for older, legacy systems.   We don't want pricing to be an issue.

So just to bring this back to where I started, you won’t find our pricing on our website. Pricing depends on your needs and we value getting to know you before we begin the pricing conversation. It's kind of like if I went to my local power utility and I asked them what my electric bill was going to be this month. They would want to know how many appliances I'm running, how many lights I have, how many rooms I have, because it's a variable rate.

When you get a quote from Procore, it's always going to be a reasonable quote for the value Procore provides. 

Want to get more specific? Request a free demo.


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