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Jobsite Rules

Play nice. Play fair. Have fun!

Keep these 4 tips in mind.

1. Search first, ask later.

See if there’s a current thread on the same topic before creating a new thread in the forum.

2. Use descriptive titles.

The more information Jobsite members have, the faster they can help you out.

3. Stay on topic.

If you want to discuss a new topic, search for it in an existing thread, or create a new one.

4. No unsolicited advertising!

Connect and network, but please don’t promote your product or services.

More About Jobsite.

Direct Messaging

The purpose of direct messaging is to continue conversations from forum posts, and to provide an opportunity to network and connect with other industry professionals. If you are a Procore customer and need to contact your Account Manager, please do so via email or phone to ensure that we address your concerns as efficiently as possible. If you have a Procore-specific question, please head on over to our support page. For ideas on product enhancements, please visit this page.

Opinions are Wanted. Buuuut...

We understand that everyone has differing opinions. Please keep criticism constructive. We’re all adults here. So we’re asking you to play nice and show each other respect. Posts with personal attacks (ouch!), profanity, racist comments (big no-no), defamatory statements, threatening of others, or degrading terms will be removed.

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If you wouldn’t show your mom…

...or your boss, don't post it here. Remember that everything you post is public. Please save yourself, and avoid posting copyrighted material or private material that you don't want the public to view. Remember, people are watching!

People want to know the REAL you!

Please use your real name rather than a generic username or avatar. Put a face to your name, so Jobsite can remain personable. Plus, we want our members to feel comfortable with each other, and real names help us all get along!

Come on in and stay

We created Jobsite for YOU. Share your expertise, post questions, and use Jobsite to connect and learn from others.

The Important Legal Stuff...

Procore reserves the right, at our sole discretion, to remove any posts we deem inappropriate, and to ban users who break Jobsite guidelines. We also reserve the right to modify or change these guidelines without notice.