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From the Editor: Jobsite welcomes world-class nutrition experts, dotFIT


I wanted to start this article with a little background. 

I came from the healthcare industry. And I left because I became tired of discussing disease medication and flat abs instead of disease prevention and living a healthy, happy life (at any size). 

When I joined Procore, I became enthralled with construction. In the past (regrettably), I never stopped to appreciate how anything was built. You could say that I took our built world for granted. (Just like we all take our health for granted I dare say). 

The more I dug into the industry (excuse my pun), I recognized how hard the men and women in construction work, and how little there is out there helping our hard hats learn more, feel inspired, or live better. And that sparked Jobsite.

We started Jobsite so that we could educate, inform, inspire, and motivate  every construction professional. Hard hats or suits, your work in the industry is important. And that's why we want to bring you best-in-class resources so you can live healthier, feel your best, elongate your career, avoid debilitating injuries, and help you be your best–personally and professionally.

We made a promise at Groundbreak 2017.

It was at our Groundbreak event that took place in March, that we made promises to personalize and prioritize health and wellness. We are making good on that promise today by adding a Health tab on the Jobsite, to serve the individual construction professional with tools to enrich their lives as well as their careers. The Health tab will be premiering exclusive nutrition content delivered by dotFIT, a leading wellness company.

Founded in 2008 by a seasoned team of leading fitness-industry visionaries, dotFIT is a research and development company and the world's largest provider of evidence-based sport and fitness programming. dotFIT’s programs and products are delivered by sport, fitness, and health professionals worldwide who have worked with professional athletes like Wayne Gretzky and Shaquille O’Neal. Through dotFIT, the same methodology and ideas will be applied to our everyday athletes - builders and craftsmen! This new tab will be the destination for personal and professional best practices related to nutrition and fitness. Articles, webinars, videos, and products will provide construction-professional specific content regarding stress, nutrition, mental health, injury prevention, rehabilitation, and fitness.

In addition to health and wellness tips, webinars, and videos, Jobsite subscribers will receive discounts on dotFIT products and services like personal coaching and nutrition plans. dotFIT CEO, Neal Spruce, says “Our companies are honored to be the health, fitness and wellness provider for the amazing people that build our homes and country’s infrastructures. Their health and fitness is important to us. We’ll be there every step of the way to help keep them healthy, injury-free, and safe.” 

Procore is a huge proponent of health, wellness and productivity. We are incredibly excited to be able to share this passion with our customers by providing information through Jobsite's relationship with dotFIT, and to support the people who do the work everyday.

About dotFIT:  

The company’s unique online platform, and nutrition solutions and products provide the proven essentials needed for people to eat, live and feel better. dotFIT’s programs and products are delivered by sport, fitness and health professionals worldwide. This is the only program approved by the prestigious National Academy of Sports Medicine. For more information visit: www.dotFIT.com.


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