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From Green Building and Court Proceedings to New Emoji's and Wearables


These Project Managers Don't Mind Being Hauled into Court

Project managing of expert witnesses in the courtroom makes PMs long for simplicity of skyscraper-building. Read more.

Bank of England Quite Sensibly Throws Money into Brexit Hole

UK's construction sector continues to sink as scores of fraidy-cat investors continue to throw fuel on the "sinking construction sector" fire. Read more. 

Apple Rescues Declining Western Civilization with New Emojis 

The corporate do-gooders are introducing a new set of tiny cartoons in a bold bid to crush injustice. Read more. 

Spendthrift Builders Surprised by Court Proceedings

The frugal construction firms are stunned to learn that not paying workers draws unwanted attention from legal types. Read more. 

How to Educate the Next Generation in Digital Construction

Kids raised on electronic gaming are the perfect fit for construction's hi-tech future. Read more. 

Green Building Quietly Reframes its Brand

Acknowledging its success in the marketplace, green building considers changing its name to Green-Like-Money Building. Read more. 

Construction Sector Leaps into Future with Wearables

Initially hesitant workers are quickly warming to space-age hard hats and GPS. Read more. 

Definition of "Beachfront" Changing with Climate

Houses that aren't swallowed up by rising seas may just increase in value as they find themselves occupying an apocalyptic new shoreline. Read more. 

Concrete Magnates Ironically Lament Market Hard Bounce

Bad weather is blamed for the concrete downturn. Sunnier days ahead. Read more. 


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