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EYA: Simplifying with Technology



"When I first started working in software development and technology ten years ago, there was a very big focus on adding additional layers of management in order to improve technology," said Pete Zafros, EYA's Director of Technology. "That has kind of turned on its head. Now technology is the driver of better management practices, with Procore being a frontrunner in the industry."

Pete says that Procore quickly breaks down the complicated pieces of data in his jobs, and presents them to the end user in a digestible format. "The projects, initiatives, and technology that we were using before were too complicated; they had too many siloes and too much information for a single person to manage. Procore has been able to step in and fill that void."

"Procore's mobile functionality has essentially leveled the playing field and made the transition for all of our users much quicker than expected."

Pete credits Procore for helping improve communication across his team. "Procore has improved communication to the extent that there are fewer mistakes. We're not eliminating communication, we're improving communication. That's reducing tensions between our company and our subcontractors, as well as the internal gap between our own departments, but most importantly, it's reducing errors and saving us time and money."

Seamless Workflow

Pete says that what separates Procore from its competitors is the unrivaled cohesion of its suite of tools. "The ability to interconnect all those tools in a way that's both intuitive and user friendly is what will really take EYA and Procore to a different level."

Procore is set up in a way that matches the organic building process, says Pete. It's flexible enough to adapt to EYA's natural workflow. "No longer is enterprise software trying to force the standardization of expensive and overly-detailed protocols. Procore configures to our needs and our way of working, not the other way around."

By emphasizing Procore's flexible tools, EYA's construction team has been instrumental in driving the entire company to adopt the new technology. Employees in the field are especially taken with the mobile capabilities of Procore and use Procore for iPad on a daily basis. Pete says, "Procore matches the mobility of those construction managers who are always moving around. The mobile app's interface is easily adaptable, even for those on my team who aren't the most technologically savvy. Procore's mobile functionality has essentially leveled the playing field and made the transition for all of our users much quicker than expected."


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