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Established Women in Construction - Rachel Russel


Rachel Russell, Project Administrator at Raineri


I am the current Project Administrator for a general contractor located in St. Louis, MO. I started in the Construction industry when I was nineteen as a front desk receptionist. I did not really have a clue what I was doing, other than answering phones and opening mail. 

There was a time that I look back, and I am so grateful that I stuck my heels in and started watching how the construction process really unfolded in front of me. I was responsible for being the face of the small general contractor I was working for. The typical receptionist duties require things like greeting those who come in, being respectful, but, most of all, being a problem solver and taking initiative. 

I believe that those things right there helped to shape who I am in the industry today. I moved from being the receptionist to being the Office Manager. My new role included many new tasks that I was not a hundred percent confident I knew. The beauty of that is it forced me to learn in a real world experience mindset.

I moved to Raineri Construction at twenty one, and it was a drastic change from the role I had held before. At first, I was intimidated but I realized I could do whatever task I was given, with a little studying and practice. 

Rachel's Piece of Advice

"Throwing myself into every aspect of the industry is the best thing I have ever done.

Being a female in a predominantly male industry enabled me to really push through and prove I deserve to be where I am now. The competition I have found was great for me, and it really pushed me into taking on new tasks. I never got discouraged if I did not figure something out the first time. 

If I could give advice to  women who are considering the jump into the industry, it would be to trust in yourself. Trust that you know yourself, you can overcome any challenges you encounter.  

When I realized that trusting myself helped me get through all of the challenges I faced. I can now look back and see that being confident in this industry is something you need to win the battle you will face."


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