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Established Women in Construction - Hayley Soderlund


Hayley Soderlund, Project Executive at GCI General Contractors


Back in high school, I started drafting, and through that I developed a passion for architecture. During my time at Cal Poly majoring in Architectural Engineering, I interned for an Architectural, Structural Engineering, and General Contracting firm for diversity. I quickly understood from my summer experiences that I enjoyed the idea and complexity of building and creating a positive impact on a client’s day to day construction experience. 

I spent 6 years with XL Construction (including my internship) which provided a strong and consistent base working with a great team. However, when I moved to GCI in 2013, I found my family and my groove. 

GCI is a wonderful and inspirational group of individuals that strive to create a fair and nimble environment. I have found this environment showcases my natural drive to continually improve and create positive construction experiences for clients, employees, and the vast network of designers and subcontractors required to execute projects well.

Hayley's Piece of Advice

"I have a quote in my house that I look at every day; it is simple and to the point: “Be yourself, everyone else is taken” by Oscar Wilde

My own personal failures in the construction industry often resulted from a lack of understanding as to how I personally (as an individual or as a woman) can add value to a project versus how I thought a person in my role should add value. 

Take your time when you are young, and then continue to take the time throughout your career, to understand the technical aspects of building. Spend time in the field with your field crews and Superintendents. This is essential to feel confident and display confidence as an expert making high dollar/schedule decisions."


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