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Established Women in Construction - Allison Scott


Allison Scott, Director of Market Strategy at Skanska


I am a conservatory-trained theatre nerd-turned marketer-turned innovation manager and intrapreneur. After graduating with a Theatre and Marketing degree at Emerson College, I started my professional career working as a marketing specialist for a leading inventor and technologist. 

It’s a leap, I know! But I was really lucky to explore the ins-and-outs of building start-ups and telling good stories. My time there gave me a unique perspective on how technology is rapidly changing our world, and I learned a lot about entrepreneurship and innovation. As I have always been drawn to the intersection of technology and design, I soon found my way into the world of architecture. 

I worked in architecture for five years. I helped to build niche services around energy efficient data center design during the advent of cloud computing. While working, I also completed my MBA in Innovation and Design Management at Suffolk University’s Sawyer School of Business. I began exploring more deeply how technology was starting to influence parts of the AEC industry that had once been analog.

 I joined Skanska as a marketing manager after graduation, and I found a new home. The construction industry felt like the marrying of all my interests – where rugged craftsmanship and design is empowered by technology.

 Almost seven years later, I now support the national Innovation group of Skanska USA’s construction division. I help to investigate and integrate game-changing tech like virtual reality, wearables, IoT/sensors, and drones onto the jobsite, while adding value to Skanska’s solutions for our customers. It has been a wild ride but I feel extremely lucky to be a part of the digital transformation of our industry.

Allison's Piece of Advice 

"Find your Mentors. When possible, attach yourself to seasoned professionals to learn from. Mentors can come in all forms: from a friendship where you bounce ideas off each other, to a more formal mentorship with goals and objectives. 

Also, don’t feel you need to limit yourself to only one mentor in your life. You can have many! It could be a peer-to-peer network to a veteran of the industry, along with someone from just outside the industry, or a person who works in a capacity different from your expertise, like communications or finance.

Seek out those who inspire and challenge you so you can learn from their diverse experiences in order to cultivate your own."


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