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Eagle Builders Looks to Procore to Keep Everyone on the Current Set


Commercial, Specialty Subcontractor |  Alberta, Canada

Eagle Builders is a specialty subcontractor in Alberta, Canada that manufactures and installs precast concrete slabs as well as providing general contracting services. Driven by a lack of communication and increasing printing costs, Eagle Builders started looking for a solution that would meet their growing list of needs.

No printer, no rework.

Alex Schulz, Project Coordinator for Eagle Builders, recalls a few occasions where projects were started using a drawing set that was not current. “Before Procore, drawings were sent from the graphics department to the client, or they were printed and mailed to the client but they were never updated. We had a couple of situations where someone forgot to send the updated drawing.” With Procore’s cloud-based solution, project teams have the ability to review, mark up, and distribute the latest plans directly from their desktop or mobile device, ensuring everyone is working off the current set–and not redoing work. Now, Alex knows the drawings will always be current so work is done correctly the first time, on time.

"What really helps us in Procore is the mobile application."

Everyone is kept in the loop, even when they’re not on the job site.

Eagle Builders wanted to make sure that clients and building owners were also completely looped in on project information. Procore’s unlimited user licenses allows Eagle Builders to give their clients access to the project information they need, without any additional cost to them. “We allow clients to see the timeline, drawings, documents like permits, and they get to see real time updates on their project.” Using Procore’s project dashboard, Eagle Builder’s clients have full visibility into the project health and can quickly and easily gauge the project timeline.

Along with the project data available in Procore, Alex and the team utilize the Photo Tool to ensure the client is able to physically see the progress, even when they are not standing on the job site. “Once a week the superintendent puts five photos into Procore so the client can see the progression of the job. The Photo Tool keeps everyone in the loop.” Using Procore’s mobile apps, the supers can snap the photos on the job site directly from their mobile devices and upload them into Procore. From there, team members and project stakeholders can log in and get the project information they need, whether they are in the field, office, or across the country.

Mobile Makes it Easy

“What really helps us in Procore is the mobile application. Everyone has multiple job sites so they’re only on site maybe one or two days a week and they don’t really have an office. This is where the mobile application comes in handy–everyone can keep track of their projects without needing to be on site or in an office,” Alex explains. With Procore, Eagle Builders is able to have complete visibility into their projects, keeping everyone up to date and on the same page.


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