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Daily Drill: World-Saving Concrete, Big Data Safety


EMP-Proof Concrete May Save Civilization

EMP is to the Information Age what the atom bomb was to the atomic age: a potential world-ender. With most infrastructure (and nearly everything else) tied to electronic computing, the properly launched EMP (Electromagnetic Pulse) attack—and even a catastrophically large solar surface disturbance—would begin a domino-like shutdown of all electronic technology on the Earth's surface, effectively sending the world back to the Bronze Age. But not if this EMP-eating new concrete has anything to say about it.

Expert Witness Blasts Architect in Fatal Building Collapse

Back in 2013, what should have been a routine building demolition job went terribly awry. 6 people died and 13 more were injured in the Center City, PA wall collapse that crushed an adjacent Salvation Army store full of shoppers. Eight weeks into trial, stories of a rigged bid and incompetent architect have former allies scrambling to transfer blame. 

New Construction Wearable Boosts Safety Data Directly to Cloud

The gadget clips unnoticeably onto the workers' belt and through the work day sends data to the cloud every 10 seconds. When an accident happens, the data hiccup alerts the system before the injured worker even has time to and help is sent. Big Data value-added: the aggregated info will, over time, provide the predictive means to actually foresee and prevent accidents.

NY Governor Allows NYC additional $300M in Affordable Housing Bonds 

The added monies bring New York City's 2016 total to $771M, an 11% increase over the allotment of such affordable housing bonds in 2015. The robust 2016 total comes despite ongoing squabbles between the mayor and governor, who reportedly each have their own affordable housing plans competing for federal Housing and Urban Development (HUD) dollars.

Mentoring is the Key that Will Unlock Construction's Future

Eliza Horstman went from construction hopeful to site super to PM. She has a lot to say about being a woman in the industry, the joys of being pushed out of one's comfort zone, and the power of mentoring, as a receiver and now as a giver. "It’s exciting to see 14-year-old girls wanting to join and do what we do."


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