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Daily Drill: Village Vibes and a New Workforce


credit: StudioAMD

NYU Makes $1B Bid to Soothe Village Nerves 

The Greenwich Village Society for Historic Preservation has been pushing back hard against New York University's proposed new 735,000 sq foot building for years, saying it is massive, intrusive, and destroys the character of the historic old neighborhood. A 2015 court decision finally put the argument to rest in NYU's favor.  The university's gracious concession to the defeated complainants? 300 feet of space-age glass, so Village neighbors can stare straight into the place. Thanks for nothing.

Women's Builder Group Makes News by Awarding Scholarship to Woman

The Nevada Builders Alliance Women’s Council makes a yearly scholarship award to four Nevada students engaged in college-level construction coursework. This year they surprised many by awarding a scholarship to a woman. The lucky recipient is Betty Morton from the College of Southern Nevada.

Transport Funding Put on Hold by Congress

Amid much fanfare in December 2015, the Fixing America's Surface Transportation Act (FAST) guaranteed a yearly increase in federal monies set aside for state highway-fixing in the U.S. In fiscal 2017 the figure allotted for our nation’s highways was supposed to increase by $2.4 billion. Congressional Republicans have said they will be holding off on that increase until at least April 2017; to the chagrin of both Democrats and funding-starved states with ragged public roads.

Proposed New $4B Amtrak Reroute Freaks Out Baltimore Residents

The 143 year-old Amtrak route that currently passes under west Baltimore is in need of a serious upgrade. The proposed new plan, now presented for public comment, would revise the track under the Bolton Hill and Sandtown-Winchester neighborhoods in Baltimore, allowing more train traffic at considerably higher speeds. Residents are concerned about high-speed hazardous freight rocketing through beneath their homes once the line is complete, and are already opposing new tunneling.

Construction Execs Briefed on Changing Workforce

Demographics don't lie, and the numbers are plain to see. By 2030, 15 million white workers will have been replaced by 17 million Hispanic, Asian, and African American workers. Brookings Institution demographer William  Fry says construction industry leaders need to start thinking now about the makeup of this approaching new workforce epoch.  “I think [employers] need to be prepared to hire people who have different backgrounds than maybe their workers from the last 10 or 15 years,” Frey said. 


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