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Daily Drill: Trillions for Bridges, and the Pentagon's Sci-Fi Film


Leaked Pentagon Film Provides Curious Glimpse of Future Megacities

A leaked Joint Special Operations training film provides a rare opportunity to see an official Pentagon forecast of what cities will look like in the year 2030. The film was produced in 2014 by the U.S. Army  “... for an internal military audience, to illuminate the challenges of operating in megacity environments,” according to an Army spokesperson.   As long as there is cheap parking, we'll be fine.

Here is that list of Construction-Themed Halloween Outfits You Knew We'd Have to Publish

This year Construction promises to be the most sought-after costume theme—just ahead of Executive Zombie. Can you believe it? Here are 10 brilliant ideas for an unforgettable All Hallowed's Hard Hat evening. You're Welcome!

Now THAT's a budget! Trump's $1 Trillion, Privately Funded Infrastructure Plan

In the ongoing "which candidate will spend more on infrastructure" contest between the presidential candidates, Donald Trump has fired a topspin forehand into Hillary's court that may be tough to return. Trump's idea is to throw $1 trillion of privately raised capital (that's $1000 billion, incidentally) at an overhaul of the nation's dissolving infrastructure.  This private funding would make an unpopular public tax hike unnecessary, with the investors recouping their monies by taking an equity stake in revenue-generating infrastructure like toll roads. A trillion dollars should buy a very nice bridge.

Genetically Engineered Bacterium Buoy Collapsing Buildings

As has been seen in the case of San Francisco's Leaning Millennium Tower, a big expensive building constructed on shifting soil can be awkward, if not downright terrifying. So why not fill the soil under the building with specially engineered bacteria that push back against downward pressure? I mean, how obvious! A new strain of pushy bacteria. Is this really a good idea?


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