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Daily Drill: Trench Collapse Sentence & Santa Crane


Construction Super Gets Three Years in Trench Collapse Death

Criminally negligent homicide and reckless endangerment; these are the charges that stuck to construction supervisor Wilmer Cueva following the death of 22-year-old Carlos Moncayo in a collapsed worksite trench under Cueva's supervision. The young construction worker was not able to escape when the unsupported trench he was working in collapsed, and he suffocated to death.  

Construction Crew Hoists Holiday Joy to Hospitalized Kids

Kids at Johns Hopkins All Children’s Hospital in St. Petersburg were treated to a rare holiday scene when construction elves used a 195-foot tall crane to bring them a little joy. Construction giant Skanska is building Johns Hopkins' new research and education center right across the street from where some of the famed hospital's most desperately ill patients receive their treatments. So the global construction firm had an idea. The next thing the kids knew, Santa's sleigh was being lowered onto a hospital patio.

Self-Maintaining SC Home a Glimpse into the Future

The future has arrived with a thunderclap in Aiken County, South Carolina. That's where homeowner Martin Winston and renowned area builder Don Cerra are coming together to build an automated house like no other. 60 small computer units will control every domestic convenience. Rooms will illuminate and darken as people roam about the place, cooling and heating will likewise follow the lead of those inside, and a little light in the owner's approaching car will tell him if there is mail in his box or not. Should the power go out in the neighborhood, however, you may need an axe to get out of the House of the Future.

Construction Project Auditing is Pure Power

Project Definition. Planning. Scope Control. It's called auditing. As construction industry performance continues to lag somewhat behind general U.S. Industry performance, the importance of in-project benchmark auditing increases. On time and within budget doesn't have to be such a rare bird.

Golden Gate Suicide Net Construction Company Nearly Chosen

A suicide-deterring structure for the landmark Golden Gate bridge has been discussed since the 1950s, and design submissions began in the 1970s. Now the bridge staff has all but settled on a contractor to take on the $142M project, which is essentially a flexible steel net that extends outward and downward from the bridge spans. 


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