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Daily Drill: TESLA's Solar Rewrite, LA Evolves


Musk Suggests TESLA May Completely Redefine Solar

TESLA shareholders approved Elon Musk’s proposed acquisition of solar energy giant SolarCity. Shortly thereafter, Musk made a bold prediction which, if proven true, means TESLA will rewrite the role of solar energy in our collective future.  

Controversial South Central LA Development Approved

A groundbreaking mixed-use high-rise slated for Los Angeles’ south central district has drawn fire from area locals. The glittering $1.2B retail and residential tower represents a transformative anchor in the historic south central district, whose longtime residents fear being pushed out by the changing demographic the project seems to promise. As LA continues to roll out its transformation of downtown, affordable housing and other considerations make the advance a necessarily delicate one. 

U.S. Army Corps Sets Deadline for Vacating  of Pipeline Protestors

The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers has set an ominous December 5th deadline for protestors to vacate the embattled Dakota Access Pipeline project site––though the corps says they have no planes to physically remove the protestors. 

Myth Busted: 10 Year Survey Reframes Low Income Housing Fear 

Conventional wisdom has always said that a low-income house or project planted in a neighborhood depresses the value of surrounding homes. Nope. Real Estate site Trulia reports that a careful 10-year study of 3,083 low-income housing projects says otherwise

OSHA Hands CT Contractor $185K Fine for Inadequate Fall Protection

Make no mistake: The blandly-named Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) carries a big stick, and takes the safety of construction workers very (very) seriously. A contractor in Connecticut whose ladders were insufficiently extended (among other safety missteps) felt OSHA’s sting following several May 2016 inspections.  


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