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Daily Drill: SuperGlue for Buildings and PR Rework


Super-Sealed "Passive Houses". Their Moment has Arrived

A Passive House is a very very low-energy usage house. How is this achieved? Elaborate insulation, thicker walls, and super-sealed joinery comprise what one industry expert describes as "a huge thermos".  A typical house experiences about 15 Air Changes per Hour; a rating known in the HVAC industry as an ACH measure. A properly built Passive House reduces that number to .6; these places are as airtight as NASA airlocks. In a world of dwindling energy resources, that is a good thing. Your utility bill will thank you.

Facelift? PR Tidal Wave? Construction Needs a New Image Yesterday

GCs everywhere agree; construction is suffering from an image problem. The industry's blue collar reputation means that most young people glancing in from the outside are seeing only broad strokes and have an overly simplistic view of what goes on in construction.  These office towers aren't building themselves, kids.

President-Elect's Deportation Theme Has Builders Nervous

North Carolina's construction sector is not atypical. Statewide, it's comprised of around 70% undocumented workers doing the actual building under the watchful eyes of the other 30% ; their American supervisors. The industry isn't sure how to broach this fundamental equation with the incoming President of the United States, whose stated intention to broadly deport the undocumented was a major campaign promise from which his supporters will not likely let him walk away.  Interesting times for the construction lobby. To say the least.

All-Purpose Construction Adhesive Makes Top 100 Product List

This stuff may be bad news for nail producers. Whether a surface is dry, wet, frozen, or heated to 300 degrees Fahrenheit, here is a compound that will stick that surface to another with all the unbreakable strength you'd expect from a super-secret polymer hybrid. Irony: this futuristic gunk was listed by This Old House Magazine. 3M can stop barking about scotch tape now.

Construction vs Eagles in Virginia

A community in Northern Virginia is up in arms about construction taking place near a pair of nesting eagles. The perturbed-looking eagles have set up seasonal housekeeping in the same city park for years — a park that is unhappily adjacent to a new construction project this year.  American icons stymie American progress. 


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