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Daily Drill: Stubborn Visionary and the $1B Data Center


Determined Innovator Waited for Construction to Catch Up. And it Did.

Tooey Courtemanche's Big Idea was out of phase with the times and roundly ignored, but he kept at it. Investors and hard hats alike thought he was a little nutty, and that may not have been too far from the truth. Today Courtemanche's  vision is construction's industry normal. Disrupt me, dude!

Are You or Aren't You? U.S. Labor Dept. Strictly Defines the Independent Contractor. 

The U.S. Department of Labor’s Wage and Hour Division (WHD) is clamping down on the field definition of the Independent Contractor. Why? Because being so designated cuts one off from overtime considerations, workers’ compensation, and much else. What exactly constitutes an Independent Contractor? Here are the six crucial characteristics of a true Independent Contractor.  Show me the qualifications.

Housing and Work Space Are Increasingly Inseparable

Mixed-use buildings, once the dream of urban planning futurists, are becoming a necessity.  As urban space becomes scarce in our large crowded cities and residential rents skyrocket, buildings that allow you to live where you work are not just attractive options, anymore—they are becoming the new normal. Where better than New York City to see the idea in practice?  Work? Life? Both? Show me.

Large Worksite Items Targeted by New Breed of Thief

Whole jobsite trailers are being hitched and driven away with. As the losses pile up, the simple call goes out from the victimized construction sites: Secure Your Stuff!  Like making a living isn't hard enough.

Facebook Begins Construction of Huge Data Center in NM

510,000 square feet wholly powered by renewable energy, the newest Facebook data center complex is typically awe-inspiring. And at $1 B, pricey.  Luckily, the builder gets a tiny bit of relief from the excited local economy. The center promises 30 full-time jobs and $250M in investment for the region, and in return Facebook gets $30 B in industrial revenue bonds, $10 million in Local Development Act funding, and more. Who wins?  We all do? Or am I thinking of something else... 


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